A Decade of Experience at Kineo Pacific

Kineo Pacific was originally called 'The Flexible Learning Network' and was established by Nolen Smith back in January 2006, prior to becoming Kineo Pacific in 2010. Needless to say, the team has gained a wealth of experience in that time, and now with the acqusition of Nine Lanterns (who would've been 15 years old in January 2016), the proficiency, talent and knowledge of the team is second to none. 

Learning Insights Report 

Kineo recently partnered with our friends at e.learning age to interview L&D professionals across the globe to identify the key trends, challenges and opportunities shaping our industry today. As the year draws to a close we also took the opportunity to do a bit of a retrospective. How can our experiences over the last ten years help us to prepare for the future? These insights will be shared in the 2015 Learning Insights Report, being launched in early 2016, register here to receive the report. 

A Decade of Experience

With that in mind we asked several Kineo Pacific team members to share their thoughts on the last ten years of elearning, and also to provide some insights into recent advances in technology, blends and just what is that pesky elephant in the room? 

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