City & Guilds Kineo Release New Blended Learning That Works Guides

We’re back from another year at Learning Technologies. After each event passes us by we’re keen to reflect on the success of the event, but also like to share some of the goodies from the event for those of you that couldn’t join us.

At Learning Technologies this year we released our ‘Blends That Work’ guide series, drawing on one of the key themes that emerged from our Insights Report: the wider emergence of the sophisticated blended learning programmes. We’ve been seeing organisations not only adopt blends on a wider scale, but we’re also seeing the blends that they’re implementing getting more complex (for example, adding new technology such as multi-device and social learning into the mix).

These new guides share some of our best-in-class examples of how blended learning works in different solution areas including compliance, leadership and onboarding. They also provide readers with essential tips and solutions to some of the most common pitfalls of blends.

Onboarding: Blended Learning That Works

Blended Learning That Works For Onboarding

When it comes to onboarding and induction training, could we all be doing a little better?

We’ve put this guide together to enable you to better support your new hires, but to also enable you to bridge the gap between organisational and new hire needs which should result in engaged new hires and improved staff retention.

Download Blends That Work For Onboarding

Leadership: Blended Learning That Works

Blended Learning That Works For Leadership

We all want to invest in the leaders of tomorrow as well as bridge the skills gap for leaders today. But how do we engage them, and get them on board with training?

This guide helps you to foster leadership skills in your organisation using blended learning, as well as empowers you to understand and overcome many of the key challenges organisations face with leadership training.

Download Blends That Work For Leadership

Sales: Blended Learning That Works

Blended Learning That Works For Sales

Keeping the pipeline of sales coming through, regardless of what business you’re in, is the key to surviving and flourishing.

This guide helps you keep your sales teams savvy through effective training using blended programmes. After reading, you’ll understand what works, and will know how to overcome some of the key pitfalls of sales & product knowledge training.

Download Blends That Work For Sales

Compliance: Blended Learning That Works

Blended Learning That Works For Compliance

81% of companies have some form of compliance training. Isn't it time to move beyond box ticking to changing your learners’ behaviour?

This guide helps you to break the cycle of banal and improve your compliance training through blended learning models. You’ll also find best-in-class examples of compliance blends that have worked for our customers.

Download Blends That Work For Compliance

We want to help you create Blends That Work in your organisation, so if you’re ready to take your blended training to the next level (or if you want to start blending for the first time), we’d love to talk to you.


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