A year of learning - our top 10 blog posts from 2015

Tis the season to be retrospective. In the words of John and Yoko ‘another year over, a new one just begun’. And what a year 2015 was at City & Guilds Kineo!

While geeks and 80s children were celebrating Back to the Future Day in November 2015, we were busy marking 10 years since Kineo was founded. A decade of innovation and creation in learning and development certainly felt like something to celebrate – as did our impressive haul of awards in the UK, US and Pacific throughout the year. We grew in 2015 too, with the acquisitions of Kineo South Africa in July and Nine Lanterns in October.

And all the while we’ve been blogging like crazy, doing what we love to do best – sharing our L&D knowledge, insights and experiences with you. Everyone loves a list, so here are 10 of our favourite blog posts from 2015.

  1. It’s all about the selfie video
    Lead Learning Designer Georgie Cooke couldn’t have been more on trend if she’d written a recipe for your NutriBullet or spiraliser. How can you use simple selfie videos in your elearning?

  2. Lessons learned from digital journalism
    Bit of a cheat, this one – Learning Consultant Emily Berry wrote a four-part series on the evolution of journalism in the digital age and its parallels with learning content.

  3. Put the focus on learning for managers
    Steve Lowenthal celebrated our Blends That Work for Leadership guide by rounding up 8 ways to focus your learning strategy on managers to drive results.

  4. Social – what’s in a name?
    Is social learning just another bandwagon? Krista Woodley, Learning Consultant, looks at social learning and whether it’s here to stay.

  5. The rules of engagement
    City & Guilds Kineo’s Global Managing Director, Matt Johnson, talked about the perennial L&D question – how will I keep my learners engaged? He looked at what we’re doing right now and whether technology helps us build engagement.

  6. Apprenticeships can open doors
    City & Guilds Kineo leads the way in the UK apprenticeship market – and we like to lead by example. Our Bid Coordinator Sam Windsor talks about how his apprenticeship helped him land his job.

  7. What’s killing your gamification?
    ‘Slap a leaderboard on it. That'll turn our learning assessment into a game!’ Right? Instructional Designer Richard Durham talks about what games, used properly, can really bring to your learning.

  8. Interactive video is here
    We all want our learning to have a lasting impact and build memory. Lead Learning Designer Seth Dickens digs deeper into how we can use interactive video to create the ultimate immersive learning experience.

  9. Measuring the success of your LMS
    Is it time to bring out the champagne? Account Director Nina Brebner explores a framework for measuring the entire success of your learning management system.

  10. Halloween fun with EssentialsPlus
    We love a seasonal blog post. Halloween gave us the chance to talk about our off-the-shelf elearning suite, EssentialsPlus. And the chance to bust out some spooktacular puns. Scary but true.

So that’s our top 10 for 2015. And the thing about looking backwards is, it makes you wonder what’s coming next. Here’s to more sharing and learning in 2016.