Where will L&D be in 5 years time


Changes in technology means that many 'traditional' roles are changing quickly. There is high probability that as much as 40% of the jobs in Australia could be replaced by computers within a decade or two*. Sushi made by robots anyone? But what does this mean for the Learning and Development profession? 

The Stone Age didn't end due to a lack of stones

Innovate or die...

Mark Harrison, one of the founders of Kineo discussed the topic of 'Where L&D will be in 5 Years Time?' at Kineo's latest breakfast seminar in Wellington. 

The session kicked off by looking at the trends highlighted in this year's Learning Insights, which revealed how learner's expectations and technology have all contributed to changing trends in the industry. However, it missed one thing out. I won't spoil it for you here, but check out Mark's slides below to see how organisations are using technology to make efficiencies.

Can L&D keep up? What can you do to prepare for the 'new world'? What are the opportunities open to L&D to make a difference?  

Join us at our next breakfast seminar in Melbourne on 13th April where we will be looking at Learning Insights and asking how and why do we need to innovate?