Why front-line managers need a new approach


New front-line managers face a heap of new challenges as they take on a team of people, whilst trying to deliver on daily targets. But the training they get is often out of sync with their needs. I interviewed Nick Cowley of the Oxford Group to find out why these managers are so important to business, and what they really need.

What's our interview about?

We've been turning our attention to a problem that we think needs a better solution than the offerings currently out on the marketplace. The development of new front-line leaders.

We found that despite investing in training for new managers to help them get up to speed, many organisations just weren't seeing it transfer into real actions or results. After a lot of research, prototyping and piloting, we've developed ManagementPlus in collaboration with the Oxford Group, a blended solution really designed to bridge that learning-doing gap.

To help get to grips with the needs of front-line managers and why businesses need to take their development seriously, I interviewed Nick Cowley, Head of Management Development for the Oxford Group.

Nick explains why front-line managers are the bedrock of any organisation and getting their support and development right is crucial, but it has to work for them. What struggles do they have? And can it all be 'trained'?

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