Artex Multi-Device Product Knowledge Elearning

Use multi-device elearning to contribute to a culture of product learning within B&Q so that shop floor staff gain the confidence, knowledge and skills to have valuable conversations with customers and ultimately increase product sales.

Artex Multi-Device Elearning Case Study

The challenge

Artex1 wanted to take a fresh approach to training. They wanted to provide all B&Q staff with greater knowledge of their products. They needed a brand-new solution which supported and met the needs of staff members on the shop floor.

CG Kineo had already produced a number of innovative elearning programmes for B&Q. Artex wanted to support this growing suite of programmes by establishing a new training approach for their products - one which had a much greater focus on improving teams’ level of knowledge and confidence.

They needed something that enabled team members to sell more of their products, whilst also enabling them to have more valuable conversations with customers. They needed a solution that fulfilled both the needs of B&Q staff and the needs of the consumer.

The solution

Artex-multi-device-product-knowledge-elearning-case-study-polaroids2The store environment of a B&Q employee provides certain challenges; they aren’t often off their feet, and they certainly don’t have time to sit in front of a computer to complete training.

Taking a fresh approach

Artex had previously only provided training face-to-face. To deliver the new product training in a cost-effective way to B&Q, Artex had to take a fresh approach – they needed to take their first steps into the world of elearning.

Multi (and bring your own) device

Learners needed to access the product training wherever they were; on the shopfloor or talking to a customer. Simply put, Artex needed a multi-device solution, which was delivered using Adapt.

Providing the correct level of training

The elearning needed to provide just the right amount of information to the learners so that they gained the required basic knowledge and understanding of Artex products. The training was designed to provide a “lead-in” to the additional information available on the shelf-edge labels in store and on the Artex product packaging.

The results

By developing a responsive training programme focusing on their product range, Artex furnished B&Q staff with a new training environment which was:Artex-multi-device-product-knowledge-elearning-case-study-polaroids1

  • Completely accessible on any device, even their own (Bring Your Own Device - BYOD)
  • Short and flexible, allowing them to dip in and out of training as they needed it
  • The training was offered, untracked, to staff members as a valuable resource for product knowledge

They now have a fully accessible, multi-device training programme focusing on Artex products, which is uniquely for B&Q stores.

By providing staff the with opportunity to use their own devices to access their training, they’re encouraging a more fluid, open training environment and contributing directly to B&Q’s new “Learning Culture”.

Steve Dawes, Retail Store Support Manager for Artex, commented:

The project has run smoothly and the tight, but realistic, schedule has helped us keep on track.  The result is a dynamic training module that is informative, easy to navigate, great visuals and will plug into our customers L&D platform”.

Artex had been particularly impressed with appearance, ease-of-use and the training results achieved with the product-based programmes that CG Kineo had produced for B&Q, and wanted a similar programme for their products to help drive sales and fit in with B&Q’s Learning Culture.

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British Gypsum products are supplied to B&Q by Artex Ltd. Both British Gypsum and Artex Ltd are part of the Saint Gobain group.


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