Canon Rapid Elearning and LMS

Rapid elearning in 3 weeks to meet a major deadline to improve sales and product knowledge. Bring it on, Canon...

The challenge

Canon was exhibiting at the world’s largest media and print event in Germany. The team expected to have up to 25,000 business conversations at the event. Canon would have over 500 staff attending from various countries so it was critical to train these staff on key messages and approach.

Canon decided to support staff with a short elearning module and approached Kineo to see if it was possible to develop and deliver the module in less than three weeks, with a German version one week later. It needed to be engaging, on brand, assessed and tracked. No time for hanging around…

The solution

Through close working and a fast-track, collaborative development process, Kineo and Canon partnered to create an engaging elearning module, hosted in an online portal, in two languages, in just three weeks.

The quality of the design was critical to ensure the learning reflected and reinforced Canon’s values. So the decision was taken to develop a high-quality design using custom Flash rather than an authoring tool.

The Canon exhibition stand aimed to create a natural flow for the customer journey with key areas such as a commercial print zone. We therefore created an interactive stand guide to walk staff through the key features.

Canon elearning case study 2

The timescales meant that traditional models would not deliver the content in time. We therefore adopted a rapid approach:

  • Rapid design prototyping
  • Small dedicated team: designer, developer, subject matter expert (SME)
  • Quality inputs and fast reviews from SME
  • Close working on live calls to ensure fast turnaround
  • Light touch project management – no need for heavy documentation

The SME provided core content in PowerPoint, which we developed as an interactive treatment. This was reviewed and changes made the same day for further iterations.

As soon as the final content was agreed we created the German version a week after the English version.

To deliver the elearning, we set up and branded a Moodle LMS site. It was hosted by Kineo, and Canon employees could self-register on the site.

The Moodle site was used to provide additional resources and a discussion forum was added for staff to be able to add questions.

The results

Over 400 people went through the elearning prior to the conference, with over 90% of those completing the assessment passing first time. The elearning helped ensure that the Canon staff attending understood:

  • The nature of the event and Canon’s objectives
  • Canon’s key messages
  • The Canon stand
  • The customer journey
  • How to handle customers

The feedback was very positive with fewer than 20 user queries. The elearning initiative helped Canon ensure that they met their DRUPA conference targets.

“The event went exceptionally well, achieving and exceeding most of our targets. The senior management team were very complimentary about the whole project.” - Mark Lawn, CBS European Marketing Manager, Marketing Professional Solutions


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