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Raising standards for safety and operations performance through a global blended programme – and raising awareness through a sustained campaign.

BP elearning case study

The challenge

ELA Award Winner 2011BP has long made investment in people and safety its top priority. Developing a world-class programme on a global scale to support this investment has been at the heart of its strategy for embedding systematic operations and was the focus of this blended learning solution.

The brief we were given saw us tackle the training of over 12,000 first- and second-level leaders; an audience that is largely shift-based and globally dispersed – the overall aim of which was to establish training in systematic ways of operating and to develop and enhance leadership in the area of safety culture.

As Urbain Bruyere, BP’s VP of Culture, Competency and Capability, and Operations Essentials Programme Director states, Kineo were chosen as the partner to develop the solution as:

In setting up the project, we wanted a partner who could think big for us. Just putting the elearning together wasn’t enough. We needed to work with people who not only got our vision, but could take it further – help us with the whole blend and implementation strategy. That’s where Kineo came in.

Involve global experts to ensure authentic design

To ensure the curriculum was aligned to BP’s goals and authentic, we engaged with the top experts in the business in each of the curriculum areas as our subject matter sponsors. We also brought in the leadership team ensuring there was stakeholder engagement, testing our prototype extensively with 250 of our target audience in a range of locations, including using offshore links through surveys and focus group meetings.

We consulted the target audience extensively to build product credibility, piloting the modules and working with each site taking on the training to achieve product endorsement and to help market the product to the business.

The result is a technology-led blend with multiple learning approaches, based on real BP sites, examples and lessons learned.

Campaign to embed change

Designing the blended programme is just half of the story. To raise awareness and embed change, we worked with BP on a multi-channel campaign. This included:

  • Leadership endorsements – a wide range of video interviews and podcasts with subject matter experts and leaders to get their views
  • Pilot programme – a pilot group of 250 of our target audience was engaged in multiple locations, and all of the elearning was piloted at least twice in different business units and locations
  • Marketing to line managers – we worked with each site taking on the training to ensure that line managers were actively involved in the sponsorship and endorsement of the modules
  • Regular newsletters – dedicated communications resource which brings together all the key information for stakeholders via regular newsletters
  • Finding our Elvis (a strong voice for the programme) – every major project needs one person who is the tireless champion and brings their own passion to it, and it was Urbain Bruyere for this one. With his passion for technology and communication, he pioneered a number of techniques in BP to raise the profile of the programme. This included a project blog, community of practice and regular pod- and video-casts with participants, business unit leaders and senior stakeholders, all of whom were captured endorsing the programme
  • Learning from the ad agencies– we didn’t discount the methods that work for marketing other initiatives, so we created a whole range of additional marketing materials (screen savers, banners and posters) – for use with the training

The results

Our aim was global adoption to improve performance, and the results are supporting that. There have been well over 50,000 elearning completions for ‘Hazard Identification and Task Risk Assessment (HITRA)’ and ‘Isolations’ and over 8,000 attendances at related workshops. This equates to exceptionally high completion rates of 96% of modules started.

User feedback from around the globe highlighted the change in performance the training has helped them achieve:

HITRA has visibly increased the rigor in our risk assessment.” – OE participant, Issuing Authority, Canada.

HITRA is the heart of what good CoW [control of work] looks and feels like. Sites that have implemented the HITRA tools following training have seen significant improvement in CoW performance.” – Group CoW SME, UK.

[The elearning] showed them what they didn’t know. For the first time they could say, 'I am confident in doing risk assessment.' Three months after the HITRA programme we can see improvement in risk assessment. We will get to a place of zero or minimal incidents.” – S&OR Lead, South Africa.

This BP Blended Programme was also the winner of the 2011 Elearning Age Award for "Best Elearning Project Securing Widespread Adoption".

We leave the final word to Urbain Bruyere who gives this review of the programme:

We’re tremendously proud [of this flagship programme] and all it has achieved. We’ve taken giant steps in proving that a global curriculum of the highest quality can be put in place, and that elearning can and must be a key element of our approach. Our completion statistics speak for themselves.

Only through exceptional quality elearning and a world-class implementation and support strategy were we able to achieve these impressive results.

We’ve gone from being a company where elearning was a dirty word to one where it’s now accepted as a cornerstone of our capability strategy. The products were one hundred percent focused on their needs and tested by them for them. In partnership with Kineo, we got that.”

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