The HEINEKEN Company Sustainability Elearning

Brewing A Better Future

On-brand, action-based elearning to meet a global sustainability challenge.

Heineken elearning case study

The Challenge

As part of its ambition to become the World’s Greenest Brewer by the year 2020, HEINEKEN has developed a long-term global sustainability programme called 'Brewing a Better Future' to build on the company's historical commitment to be a more sustainable company.

City & Guilds Kineo’s challenge was to support the delivery of the programme with a suite of informative and action-inducing elearning modules, which would enable HEINEKEN to educate its employees about the complexities of sustainability in an engaging and easily understood way.

The end goal? To help employees at all levels on their path to understand and support HEINEKEN's sustainability initiatives.

Our Solution

Our approach was to create short, sharp elearning modules that deliver the key messages succinctly and give employees clear and practical ways to put their sustainable practice into action.

Getting the best from a global team

The basis of high-impact elearning is, of course, fantastic content. We were lucky to work with HEINEKEN’s leaders in their field to get content that worked for a culturally diverse audience and reflected the global nature of the HEINEKEN company. We worked closely with the Global Sustainable Development team within Global Corporate Relations, which sponsored the training; the courses aim to educate employees about the drivers, contributors and expectations of the various operations and teams around the company.

Bring brand into the learning - strong visuals that tell a story

HEINEKEN has developed a unique and distinctive look and feel for all its communications and training related to sustainability in line with its corporate visual identity and values. Building on this great platform, we developed an identity for the courses to connect them to all the sustainability initiatives and so they could work in any of HEINEKEN’s wide range of operations’ animations with playful imagery making important messages all the more memorable.

A sustainable learning design that calls for action

As always we wanted to get to the point quickly and make the learning relevant. So, we split each course into three bite-sized topics – ‘Introduction’, ‘Overview’ and ‘Your Contribution’.

Heineken elearning case study 2

The ‘Introduction’ section is all about why the topic matters to the business and its various stakeholders, and how it fits in to supporting the Brewing a Better Future pyramid.

The ‘Overview’ section covers the essentials with challenges to put the content into practice.

'Your Contribution' is where we give the learner a clear call to action – what can they do to make a difference? This not only covers small, day-to-day changes that will positively affect the environment, but also covers changes in people’s attitudes that make that ongoing and more personal difference. The end of the learning is just the beginning.

The Results

So far we’ve produced six sustainability modules, some of which are in the process of being translated into multiple languages, and there are more to come. These courses allow HEINEKEN employees to learn about what HEINEKEN’s doing, and what they can do to help deliver on the organisation’s Brewing a Better Future commitment. We’re proud to be part of supporting HEINEKEN’s ongoing sustainability ambition, creating courses that will have a positive impact on the business, environment, people, and their communities. And of course, elearning is about as carbon friendly as you can get in the training world!