Hewlett Packard Customer Service Elearning

Saving the day for HP by saving a customer service elearning project.

The challenge

HP came to Kineo with a problem. They had worked with another vendor to create elearning on educating team members about their Total Customer Experience programme. After seeing the first version, the senior team simply said "no way". It was too long, too boring, and too ugly. But the deadline was looming with the launch date less than four weeks away.

HP needed a radical solution and fast.

We created a proposal in just two days. The budget was limited, thanks to the wasted spend on the original development. But the source material was transformed into a 15-minute engaging elearning experience in just four weeks.

The solution

Our approach had four key components.

1. Start with stories

Before we could get started, we needed to know what makes the customer service programme at HP tick. Our goal was to create something that people could connect with. And what do people best connect with? Stories.

We discovered that HP has a great library of published stories: Customer Champions and Customer Successes. These are real HP employees talking about what they do to go the extra mile. They became a key part of the learning experience.

HP elearning case study 2

2. Move fast: rapid scripting/rapid build

Once we gathered the stories, we pulled together the script in a matter of days. Art direction was underway at the same time, working with HP to ensure the visual identity and approach complemented its brand and messaging.

3. Keep it flexible

With rapid projects like this, getting to a first version quickly is invaluable. We got something together fast then worked from there. Some of it worked, but we’ll admit we didn’t get everything right first time. However, that’s the point with this process, as now we had stakeholders engaging and giving feedback on work in progress.

4. Have lots of touchpoints

The value of customer touchpoints turned out to be one of the learning points in the HP programme. But who says we can’t learn from the content that we develop as we go? Because things were moving so fast, we were in frequent contact with the HP team. Thanks to a close working partnership, buy-in on the rapid process and shared goals, we got answers quickly and when we needed them. This meant we could keep moving the project forward at breakneck speed.

The results

When all was said and done, HP had a concise 15-minute learning experience that got the message across about the TCE programme. The module is out in the HP community receiving great feedback. And, critically for this project – it delivered results when HP really needed them.

We’re delighted to have been able to help with such a rapid turnaround and look forward to our next fast-paced collaboration…

Nicole Sanders, HP’s TCE Program Manager told us: "You guys saved me – it was the best vendor experience I’ve ever had."


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