ITU Bespoke Elearning

How can you produce an elearning module in two weeks, make an impact, and share valuable environmental messages? Here’s how.

ITU elearning case study

The challenge

The International Telecommunications Union is working closely with its partners to achieve a climate neutral ICT industry. As part of its work, ITU wanted to develop a short elearning module on climate change.

The module had to be developed in two weeks, highlighting how elearning can reduce people’s carbon footprint and exploring the environmental benefits of elearning.

The challenge was to communicate simply and clearly the key messages in no more than ten minutes using an innovative, attractive interface which could be updated using a simple text editor.

ITU elearning case study 2

The solution


A lot has been written about climate change and the ITU has spearheaded a number of key initiatives. The first challenge was to work on the content and edit this down into a number of clear sections, each with key messages. Elearning is about delivering more with less. The ability to edit down complex content into clear messages and to construct a learning narrative was key for this module.

Visual Design

We decided to move away from the more traditional ‘click next and back’ style elearning navigation and to adopt something more akin to Coverflow, as promoted by the iPhone. The final design creates a user experience, which is engaging, yet simple to use and intuitive – and hopefully enjoyable.

Maintenance and Updates

We designed the programme so that each screen is easily updateable. Screen text and images can be changed in a matter of minutes allowing ITU to update the module themselves without any reference back to Kineo.

The results

This project is a great example of rapid elearning in action: delivering quality at speed, and giving maximum control to the client. And more importantly, it demonstrates how elearning provides an alternative and more environmentally friendly approach to training.


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