ARAMARK Blended Programme

Competency-Based Interviewing

Condensing a two and a half day workshop into a blended learning solution, while engaging managers and building their interviewing skills.

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The challenge

Our challenge was to develop an approach to training managers in hiring skills that would be generic enough to work across ARAMARK’s 15 industries, but specific enough to allow managers to apply their new skills to address their specific needs.

ARAMARK was also fairly new to elearning, so our second challenge was to ensure that employees could see the value of the programme as an element of their own professional development and get something useful out of it, rather than a means to an end.

Aramark results

The  solution

A blended approach

We worked closely with the ARAMARK team to provide a flexible and sustainable approach no matter where the programme would be rolled out. The blended solution consisted of 70 minutes of elearning used as the pre-work for a one-day instructor-led workshop.

Creating a foundation through elearning

In the elearning we introduced each of the five steps of the interviewing process through interactive scenarios that model best practices.

We created a sample interview using imagery and audio narration of both the interviewer and the job candidate. At key moments in the interview we asked the learner to help the interviewer decide the right way forward.

A simple “homework” task at the end of the elearning asked learners to consider a current opening or key position on their team and the critical competencies for success in that role. It gave the elearning a strong call to action that connected with the workshop, and with the learner’s day job.

Providing practice through live workshops

Having been through the elearning, all attendees at the workshop had a solid foundation of the interview process.

The workshop then allowed them to practice these skills through live role-play sessions, and to learn through the process of observing and providing feedback.

Kineo’s design team worked closely with ARAMARK’s experienced facilitators to design the workshop and create the accompanying materials.


Piloting and refining

The entire curriculum was created over a period of three months and two pilot programmes, allowing a group of managers to participate in the first drafts of the elearning and classroom sessions.

The Kineo design team took part in the live sessions as objective observers, taking notes and then adjusting the curriculum to accommodate feedback and improve classroom flow and delivery.

The results

Our designers worked closely with ARAMARK subject matter experts to create a highly interactive learning experience, which helps learners practise the concepts put forth in the elearning and the practical application started in the elearning scenarios.

The whole package has been designed and documented in detail to allow for a consistent and scalable roll-out across all of ARAMARK. The first sessions officially kicked off in early 2011. In many businesses and geographies the programme is integrated into new manager onboarding activities that highlight the application of the ARAMARK Leadership Competency Framework to specific Talent Management activities.

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