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Online Learning Academy

Creating a learning culture across seven countries with Totara LMS, the easyJet way.

easyJet case study

The challenge

easyJet is the UK’s largest airline. With over 8,000 employees across six countries. easyJet was looking to put a Learning Management System in place to stimulate and enable the learning culture across the business.

The solution needed to be cost effective and strongly reflect the easyJet culture and brand.

The aims of the project were to:

  • Drive an appropriate learning culture for easyJet
  • Put learning into the context of performance management, talent and development
  • Help employees and their managers understand the competencies that easyJet are looking for them to develop
  • Support individuals owning their own learning and managers supporting their development
  • Drive the 70/20/10 learning model being used
  • Utilise new technologies to drive social learning
  • Support the learning of three populations across three countries  - pilots, cabin crew and management and administration teams
  • Take a phased approach – scale and add features over time

The solution: The online learning academy

easyJet elearning case study screenshot

After a competitive process, easyJet chose to partner with City & Guilds Kineo and Totara LMS to meet their objectives.

Out of the box, meeting needs

Totara LMS has a rich configurable feature set, which meant that all of easyJet’s requirements were met without any need for customisation. Key features of the phase one implementation included:

A fully branded experience

The site’s theme reflecting the easyJet spirit throughout, and a brand of its own: The Online Learning Academy.

Enabling the learning culture: flexible and blended resources

easyJet believes in 70/20/10, encouraging learners to be self-directed, seek out the resources relevant to them, and manage their own learning.

So the LMS couldn’t be a locked down course directory. Our design approach means the Online Learning Academy is focused on resources, providing learners with access to a wide range of learning opportunities including:

  • Face-to-face courses – management and adminstration is handled in Totara LMS
  • Pocketbooks
  • Videos
  • Top tips
  • Elearning
  • Articulate
  • Blogs
  • Quizzes

Many of the resources are structured into blended courses and programmes. Totara LMS gives easyJet the flexibilty to create a tailored programme for a specific audience through simple course creation.

Providing quality management information

Totara’s reporting ensures easyJet have a complete picture of usage, progress and achievement across their business – providing key data to underpin the investment in their learning strategy.

Synchronisation with their HR system using Totara sync enables a more effective and efficient approach to managing learners within the system whilst automating the delivery of learning to key audiences.

The results

The Online Learning Academy met its timeline and cost objectives and was delivered to the management and administration (M&A) audience, with very positive feedback and uptake; over 300 of easyJet’s M&A people (at least a third of the population) are logging in and carrying out development activity on the site.  People have said that they love the look and feel of the site and the ease of being able to select the variety of development most appropriate to how they learn best.

Kineo and easyJet are partnering on the next phase of the project which includes easyJet’s pilot audience. Kineo are also adding further Totara functionality including embedding easyJet’s font to system emails, enabling custom system emails for course notifications and delivering a content rating tool.

Lucy Ventrice – Talent & Capability Consultant, easyJet, says: “Kineo were able to grasp our needs quickly providing a cost effective solution which supports our learning and development philosophy. The project team provided positive support and advice alleviating any concerns we may have had about the project."


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