Given Imaging - Blended Learning & Moodle LMS

Moving from one-to-one medical training sessions to a digital system, allowing physicians to access course content via the internet and practice in their own time.


The challenge

Given Imaging (GI), acquired by COVIDIEN corporation in early 2014, is a leading provider of patient friendly solutions to aid in the diagnosis of internal diseases of the digestive tract. 

The company's first capsule was launched more than 13 years ago and allows testing and aids in the diagnosis of the small intestine, primarily for bleeding events and Crohn’s disease. For this test the capsule’s peristaltic movements are limited within the small bowel and therefore the video analysis is relatively simple. The supportive trainings sessions are based on one-to-one sessions or locally held seminars at the hospital or clinic.

In 2008 in Europe, the company launched a new capsule which consists of two miniature cameras for testing the large intestine, the colon. The capsule’s natural movement through the colon, which is much larger, is more complex and therefore the training required to provide confidence in video reading necessitates much more hands-on video exercises.

Rafi Rabinovitz, VP Global Clinical Marketing Development at Given Imaging,

"One of the great challenges we encountered in carrying out the class seminars for the PillCam Colon video reading was the availability of the physicians for several days required to practice reading of many videos and acquiring the needed skills.  The solution offered by Kineo with Moodle software allows off-line interactive training over the web with many videos to practice on, accessible by any registered physician, whenever it is convenient, and from any location. In addition, the course is automatically optimised according to the trainee level such that those exhibiting low levels of reading skills need to read a higher number of videos in order to acquire the needed skills.”

GI’s needs can be summarised as:

  • A computerised system that would allow physicians to access the course via the internet and practice in their own time
  • Elearning courses to address a solution for practicing on PillCam capsule videos with the possibility of immediate feedback in order to increase the reading skills of the physicians
  • Courses that meet the local requirements in each country in terms of language and regulatory standards.

The solution

GI approached Kineo Israel to plan, design and build a global learning platform. The learning strategy GI decided to implement in each country varies according to the local needs. There are countries in which it was decided to implement a purely home-based elearning strategy (i.e. Japan), and there are countries where it was decided to implement a blended strategy starting with a classroom session followed by elearning from home.

Open source LMS

Kineo Israel executed the company's strategy through the implementation of a Moodle based learning management system (LMS) using a blended learning approach, and interactive learning content with real capsule videos for practice.

Localised resources

The courses design and video training activities were also made in collaboration with local GI Societies in order to provide a localised solution for each region.

Real-life video content

In addition to real patient capsule video guided-exercises following theory slide sessions which were achieved by integrating the Moodle software with GI’s RAPID® software.

The elearning system also includes many series of additional video training exercises with an accumulative score run by a scoring engine which is gauged to the physician skill level, allowing those with stronger skills to access the final assessment earlier.


Immediate feedback

The system also provides immediate feedback whether the analysis is correct or incomplete. The last step of the course offers the physician a final assessment with a percentage overall score which is either provided directly, as a printable certificate or transferred to another website for further processing.


Physicians are able to access seamlessly using their desktop, tablet or mobile device.

The results

In Japan the elearning system was implemented completely in Japanese; classroom sessions were eliminated totally, with many users accessing the same course from all over Japan. In the US and Hong Kong, the training program in English includes a combination of a one day classroom session and the remainder from home via the internet.

The company is currently in the process of creating the same course in French and later on in other languages. In general, the users who have already used the elearning course for the PillCam Colon are very satisfied with this solution. The system allows access to the course with progression and provides flexibility to the user to learn and adopt the required reading skills.

CEO at Kineo Israel, Hertzel Kuriel said the following of the project:

“This has been a great journey. Our partnership with COVIDIEN has created an innovative knowledge transfer and training solution that can effortlessly deliver complex knowledge to tens of thousands of gastroenterologists, in multiple languages, whenever and from wherever they want to activate it."

 Program Manager, Medical Development at Given Imaging, Jeremy Gerber also shared his feedback on the project:

"We believe that the elearning course we have built will be adopted in most countries where COVIDIEN is active and will become the preferred training method for the PillCam Colon use. This elearning concept provides an easy way to transfer the required reading skill knowledge to existing users, and to new ones that start to work with our solutions, all in a friendly and personal way".


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