BUSY At Work - Moodle LMS and ePortfolio

Creating a seamless experience for apprentices and employers by integrating a Learning Management System with an ePortfolio.  

BUSY At Work is a not-for-profit organisation providing apprenticeship, employment and community programs.  They have a reputation as the specialists in apprenticeship services and their key service areas deliver a cooperative approach to apprentice, employee and community needs. They employ nearly 230 staff with 33 offices located in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia and have provided services to approximately 40,000 employers and help to place over 18,000 apprentices per annum.

BUSY At Work offer a range of programs and services and are primarily contracted to state and federal government.  Amongst other services, they currently offer:

  • Australian Apprenticeship Support Services
  • Jobactive
  • Transition to Work
  • Work for the Dole
  • Disability Employment Services
  • Skilling for Queenslanders Contracts
  • Indigenous Advancement Strategy contract
  • Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority (VRQA) Regulatory Field Services Contract

The challenge 

BUSY At Work provide services to both candidates looking for employment and also employers who are looking for suitable candidates. With this in mind, they wanted to enable participants to be able to create an online profile and resume that would enable them to find suitable employment and also enable employers to review the candidates in more depth as opposed to the traditional paper resume.

The challenge for BUSY At Work is to ensure that job seekers are able to connect with potential employers and be able to demonstrate that they are ready to work.  

The solution 

Kineo delivered a Moodle based Learning Management System alongside a range of extensions developed by Kineo, which integrated with Mahara ePortfolio, enabling job seekers to both undertake learning and create an eportfolio.

Mahara is an open source eportfolio tool which enables users to collect, reflect on and share their achievements. By integrating the tool with the LMS, apprentices only had to remember one set of log-on details and their learning would automatically appear in their portfolio.

It is important for job seekers looking for employment that they are able to demonstrate to potential employers their capabilities and past experience, which is something Maraha enables them to do. Mahara also offers social tools such as groups and forums in addition to blogging

Job seekers are also able to upload documentation such as assignments, projects and certificates into the portal, which clearly demonstrates to prospective employers their capability and readiness to work.

The objectives were: 

  1. To allow jobseekers to create a virtual resume to showcase their experiences and qualifications
  2. To allow jobseekers to create groups to share experiences
  3. To provide online training anytime anywhere to meet jobseekers needs who live in regional areas
  4. To allow employers access to appropriate candidates

The results

Currently, there are just under 200 users within the site, these jobseekers have accessed the site through their email accounts to build and continually develop their resume. Employment history, qualifications and practical activities either in the workplace or study can be videoed and uploaded. This delivers a live resume which demonstrates their job readiness to employers. 

Feedback has been positive regarding access to site and uploading documents, such as certificates and videos.  Groups have been formed per site location to address local issues and feedback.  It's early stages regarding the development of portfolios and courses for job seekers, however, engagement is rapidly increasing. 

Most students have reacted favourably to the online platform, as this is their preferred method of communicating and storing information about themselves and their achievements. 

BUSY At Work are looking at how this medium can prepare job seekers for employment in terms of eye contact and personal presentation etc. as this is something that employers are saying is lacking in young job seekers.

The LMS is addressing the rurality of accessing training by uploading modules that can be accessed by all who are active members from anywhere, as long as they have internet access.  E.g. indigenous members are able to access the LMS through the community library addressing travel and resource issues. This is cost effective for providing training to regional areas.

The current users can publish their completed live resume to potential employers who can log in to view resumes and recruit directly. 

Jobseeker comments include: "Looks good, I'm looking forward to using it" 

Staff comments: "It’s very exciting and an innovative tool. The groups are a great way to contact members". 


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