Vodafone Australia uses social and gamification to give learners ownership of their learning

Vodafone Australia were seeking to refine an existing Learning Management System to better support the organisation’s future needs.

The challenge 

Vodafone wished to shift the delivery of learning from push (Vodafone enrol them in learning) to pull (learners enrol themselves).

This encompassed:

  • Creating a central learning platform that provides a range of learning opportunities for all Vodafone employees.
  • Seeking to empower their learners to control their own learning by providing a range of design elements that allowed them to own their own learning and to learn collaboratively with their colleagues.

The objectives included:

  • Learners taking ownership of their own learning
    and seeking out learning opportunities rather than relying on the passive pushing out of learning. The goal was to take away some of the need for the L&D team to be consistently pushing out learning and encouraging more learning.

  • Increasing level of participation in learning
    and the ability for each learner to drive their own learning, with the use of gamification, points and badges for increased motivation.

  • Increasing capability lift as people do more, and more relevant, learning 
    learners have the ability to select learning that is applicable to them and therefore are much more motivated to complete the learning.

  • Increasing engagement as Vodafone employees feel developed and supported
    helping to decrease churn in the company, particularly in retail stores. 

The solution  

This was achieved through a multi-pronged approach that established the following key elements for each learner:

  1. What the learner has done
    The learner profile captures a central learning history that can be exported

  2. What the learner needs to do
    The learning pathway presents an individualised and prioritised learning plan for each employee

  3. What the learner could do
    The learning catalogue centralises all learning opportunities and presents them in a way that allows Vodafone employees to easily identify relevant training for them.

Utlising social and gamification

The multi-pronged approach is underpinned by key social and gamification elements which encourage and reward desired behaviours and promote collaboration and collective ownership of learning: VFone_screenshots

  • The ability to ‘like’ courses
  • The use of badges to reward and encourage compliance and activity                
  • The ability to recommend training to others
  • The ability to rate and comment on learning
  • The ability to ‘follow’ other learners
  • The ability to accumulate points and to see the ‘top learner’
  • The ability to see what others are doing.

In the platform, the “What’s Happening” timeline shows learning activity by colleagues filtered by team or users being followed. Rather than a list of things to do, the site instead presents what other people are doing. The intended message is simple, yet profound: learning is something that everyone is involved in, why not join in?

Advertising banners further help direct new users to what’s hot and where to get started. Compliance and pathway training still exists, but are presented in different ways. 

Delivery using agile 

Stage 1 - Look and Feel: A responsive theme was developed in anticipation for the roll-out of Samsung tablets to shop floor staff. The new site needed to reflect the corporate brand and be accessible on multiple devices.

Stage 2 - Learning Timeline: The learning timeline used ideas from social media to create a sense of community and promote that everyone in the organisation is learning.

Stage 3 - Learner Profile: The learner profile provides a history of learning for an individual and includes motivational aspects such as badges, course completions, and learner points. From this page individuals can export a formatted list of learning activities to take to their performance review.

Stage 4 - Learning Pathway: The learning pathway provides a calendar view of your current enrolments and highlights any overdue course completions. Some courses have a deadline (e.g. a new product launch) or a target duration (e.g. induction). Once enrolled the calendar and to-do panel help learners stay on track.

Stage 5 - Course Catalogue: The course catalogue provides the opportunity to discover and enrol in upcoming face-to-face or online courses. The catalogue uses a tagging based categorisation to make it easy to find a course in the area the employee is looking for. The calendar helps users plan their workload and manage when they would like to complete training.

Stage 6 - Course Delivery: The course page is where the learning takes place. Employees can quickly check progress and can use the new course rating interface to review courses, recommend to peers or self-enrol if they like the content. The activities use consistent icons to indicate the time required, whether headphones are needed, if there is an assessment, and that it is mobile friendly. This allows users to easily know before they start an activity what setup they might need.

The results 

Course completions more than doubled in 2014 in comparison to 2015, and course completions in 2016 are set to increase even further. Learners are embracing the social elements of the platform through 'likes' and messaging. In addition, over 4000 badges have been awarded to date, rewarding learners for their efforts. 

We are delighted that since its launch in May 2015, the updated platform has gone from strength to strength allowing us to make learning easier to access, increase learning opportunities and the types of learning available to employees. Learners are taking much more ownership of their own learning and we are able to better measure and demonstrate the value that learning adds to the business - Malcolm Reason, Head of Organisational Capability, Vodafone Hutchison Australia

Kineo and
Vodafone Learning won the Elearning Association of Victoria’s ‘System & Apps’ Elearning Excellence award in October 2015.

Kineo and Vodafone Hutchison Australia won Platinum for Best Learning Management Solution deployment at the LearnX Awards in 2017 with this project.

Vodafone is thrilled to share this award with Kineo in recognition of our partnership in creating a truly innovative learning platform for our learners.  With Kineos support and expertise, we have been able to take Vodafone Learning to the next level and drive learner engagement, ownership and empowerment across all stakeholder groups. Mal Reason, Head of Capability and Talent Acquisition, Vodafone Hutchison Australia


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