Mitsubishi Israel Multi-Device Sales Knowledge Training

A rapidly delivered, multi-device solution designed to build sales and product knowledge to a widely dispersed automobile sales team.

Colmobil Mitsubishi Sales Training

The challenge

Colmobil is the leading car importer in Israel, importing Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Mercedes and SMART brands to the Israeli market. When Colmobil, and its Mitsubishi Israel business unit, decided to import Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, they faced a challenge. How to deliver very effective and engaging learning about the latest Mitsubishi products to the entire sales team, located in Mitsubishi sales centres across Israel?

The solution

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, is a unique vehicle, utilising the petrol engine in the car to generate electricity to charge the vehicle’s battery. This newly innovative engine introduces a new approach which is completely different to the standard petrol engine based vehicles sales teams were used to selling.

There was a need to translate and transform PHEV’s unique technology and new technical jargon in to an engaging learning experience. One that effectively builds the knowledge required for the sales team, allowing them to confidently explain to potential buyers the innovation and the benefits that this new technology introduces. It was also important for Mitsubishi Israel to build a great looking learning experience that:

  • Is responsive and multi-device, being accessible on both PCs and tablets
  • Effectively communicates and clearly conveys the Mitsubishi brand
  • Generates interest and curiosity from learners to learn more and explore
  • Is quick to develop
  • Adheres to limited budget and timeframes

To achieve all this, Kineo Israel used Adapt, our responsive design framework. Using Adapt, and leveraging its open source platform to develop some HTML based custom plug-ins, Kineo Israel was able to develop a unique and engaging learning experience that delivers to Mitsubishi’s standards and expectations.

The results

By using Adapt, Kineo Israel was able to provide highly visual and interactive responsive learning that runs on both desktop computers and tablets. Adapt’s flexibility also allowed Kineo Israel to build this learning module within budget and on time, ready for the sales team just a few days before the official launch date.

Using the Moodle-based, custom learning portal that Kineo Israel previously built for Colmobil, Kineo Israel designed a dedicated learning zone for Mitsubishi's sales team. Using Moodle and Adapt, Mitsubishi Israel was able to train dozens of sales team members with in just couple of days. Since the program has launched Mitsubishi Israel reported that it has been receiving very positive feedback from its sales team about the new learning experience and its effectiveness as a performance supporting tool.


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