Compass Group Systems Training

Turning managers into detectives and actually making systems training interesting... this is what we do.

Compass Group elearning case study

The challenge

We partnered with Compass Group to improve its financial performance systems training. This was traditionally delivered via classroom training, incurring significant cost and effort. But with vociferous elearning critics internally, the team at Compass had their work cut out for them to change the perception of elearning.

With a turnover of £1.8bn and clients including M&S, Wimbledon, Sky and Tesco, to name but a few, it was crucial for Compass to get this right. The vision was to create a just-in-time solution that offered relevant information to learners as and when they needed it.

Compass Group elearning case study 2

The solutions

To get to the heart of the solution, we looked at what Regional Managers really need to be able to do the job. We found they’re expected to constantly investigate trends and statistics, looking for root cause problems and solving any mysteries or anomalies. Taking inspiration from this, we worked together to devise the ‘Compass Detective Board Game’. By casting Regional Managers as detectives in their own board game, they learn to solve their performance needs by uncovering the real mysteries in a safe and structured learning environment.

Making systems training matter

Systems training has an unfortunate reputation for being a bit dull. Keen to dispel that myth, we created convincing, challenging scenarios based on real-life situations to come up with something special.

The difference here is that the systems elearning is in context: it’s part of the overall narrative and there to answer big questions, such as, what are the consequences for not hitting budgets? What do I need to do to ensure I do? To keep it true to life, we introduced characters who support the learner, offering advice and nuggets of insightful information along the way.

The results

In the first six months the project had some outstanding successes:

  • Positive feedback: The overwhelming majority of learners agreed or strongly agreed that the elearning course had ‘motivated me to perform better in my job role’ and ‘my behaviour and performance at work will change as a result of completing the elearning course’
  • Increased access to training: 1,500 staff had completed the module (this would have been impossible as face-to-face training)
  • Cost savings: Compass estimate that they’ve saved £495,000 in six months (compared with traditional classroom costs)

Caleb Foster summarises this project’s achievement: "The Managing Financial Performance elearning was Compass’ first initiative in partnership with Kineo... Initially there were some elearning sceptics within the business, however, the presentations, perseverance, stakeholder engagement and total commitment to making this work by the Compass and Kineo team ensured it was a success."

"We have saved an estimated £495k in six months by not having to pay for travel, accommodation, time out of the business, trainers, materials, etc. For any business this is a prize worth going for!"


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