Cable & Wireless Rapid Elearning

Smart thinking for a rapid approach to elearning ensures extensive staff knowledge of products and services more quickly and cost effectively.

Cable & Wireless elearning case study

The challenge

Cable & Wireless was going through a period of business transformation. It needed to be more responsive to customers and ensure extensive staff knowledge of its products and services more quickly and cost effectively. But the timescales and budgets associated with its usual bespoke approach were simply not available.

So not only did this project adopt a new rapid approach to elearning production with a requirement for 16 modules, it also requested a new portal for staff to get to grips with telecoms technology and the Cable & Wireless product set.

All this on a budget of less than £50,000 and just three weeks to turn around the first module. Game on...

The solution

We worked with C&W to take a smarter approach to rapid elearning, which included five key steps:

  1. Use smart design structures to deliver effective elearning
  2. Ensure quality time with subject matter experts to get quality results
  3. Use a tightly structured process to reduce time and cost
  4. Continue to innovate with rapid techniques and technologies
  5. Use rapid tools to get feedback

The approach was to rapidly scope a wide range of product knowledge materials and identity a set of reusable design patterns that could work across the range. Taking an 80/20 approach, Kineo’s designers worked very closely with C&W subject matter experts (SMEs) to develop a reusable structure.

Kineo’s designers brought their considerable learning design and product knowledge design experience to the table, while C&W SMEs explained the subtleties of each product and what would work for the audience. Together we designed a highly flexible, reusable structure – all in the first few days of the project.

Cable&Wireless elearning screenshots

The core modules were 20-30 minutes each with a short assessment. Producing this type of elearning is best run with a small core team of a learning designer/developer and graphic artist, pulling in additional skills as required. Project management can be light touch – everyone knows what they need to do and gets on with it. Heavy documentation is not worth the time – quicker to build than describe in design documents and scripts.

All of this creates cost benefits, delivering 16 modules for approximately £2.5k each, which is a huge amount of content developed for less than the per-hour rates in bespoke development.

The results

Well over 4,000 of the various elearning modules have now been completed. The key feedback on the first major rapid elearning initiative for C&W is as follows:

  • Over 95% of respondents said that the micro site was an easy and engaging way to access the elearning
  • 95% responded that the elearning was relevant and at the right level
  • 93% felt they reached the desired level of understanding that the elearning set out to provide them
  • 96% would recommend the modules to other colleagues

Kineo and C&W set out to show how rapid elearning can deliver response rates that businesses require, in a cost effective solution, using rapid tools and technologies, and delivering effective learning that delivers results to learners.

We achieved this by thinking smarter about elearning through:

  • Creative use of rapid authoring tools
  • A smart approach to design structure
  • Innovative use of a micro-site to provide access to the elearning but still retain the LMS tracking
  • Use of a low cost online survey tool to collate feedback from learners

Our client say

C&W internal measures confirm this elearning has delivered on these objectives.

  • "Excellent modules; given we're a technology business covering such a vast scope of technologies it’s great to have these modules to allow you to 'fill in the gaps'. More please!"
  • "I found the TELCO modules hugely rewarding and applaud C&W's approach."
  • "I found it GREAT as I do not come from a telcom background!"
  • "I found the training not only informative but also enjoyable."

With Kineo’s approach, we’ve been able to respond quickly and efficiently to business and customer requirements in a way that traditional methods can’t. Rapid elearning is not an excuse to compromise on learning design - and with this approach, we haven’t.” – Mike Booth


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