Nikon Knowledge Portal

Dealer Training

Quality product training for the masses: creating a community of Nikon camera experts with a product knowledge portal and award winning elearning.

The challenge

Nikon are well known for their quality cameras and specialist knowledge. To ensure that their base of 100,000 resellers have the product knowledge required to uphold this reputation, Nikon need first class training. Previously a combination of classroom based training sessions, store visits and product guides; our challenge was to create a cost effective, online alternative that could offer even more.

Nikon didn’t just want to get their resellers ‘up to speed’. They wanted instant, wide ranging training to create a community of expert resellers that are motivated and equipped to sell Nikon products.

The solution

Our solution was threefold:

  • A clear vision
  • Competition
  • Community

Resellers have a massive impact on Nikon’s product sales, so a design that truly engaged and excited this audience was paramount. Keen to work with tangible ideas from the offset, Kineo created a slick, engaging product knowledge demo that represented the Nikon brand in just a few days. The demo was road-tested with real users, which gave us valuable insight into what did and didn’t make them tick, and assured Nikon that our vision for the design was ticking all the right boxes.

And finally, how to get the solution out there? The answer was to create a completely customised portal using Moodle, the ever-expanding and highly popular open source Learning Management System (LMS).

As you would expect, the portal provides detailed tracking and reporting data on learners’ progress and scores, and allows Nikon to create tailored experiences for different groups of learners. And it does so much more. With a dedicated area for resources and how-to guides, a calendar of upcoming Nikon events and contacts for help and support, the portal created a community of learners all working towards the same goal: selling Nikon cameras.

The results

The results speak for themselves. After running a trial of Nikon iQ with a major photographic retailer, an online survey showed an average of 80% positive comments on the learning.

And Nikon were as happy as their learners. An internal showcase created a lot of buzz around both the learning and the portal, and we are now looking to develop multi-language versions of both parts of the solution.

Nikon elearning case study 2

"Kineo has developed a platform that delivers on every aspect of our initial brief. Furthermore their fresh approach to some of our initial ideas means we now have a training package that offers more than anything else within the photo industry."

"Often it’s the fundamental concepts of photography that can be the most difficult to grasp. Kineo’s approach to this vital part of any photographic training was fresh, engaging and above all – simple to understand."


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