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Quality without compromise: the approach that delivers high quality, rapid elearning modules in as little as five days. Rapid elearning for O2/Telefonica.

O2 elearning case study

The challenge

O2 had commissioned the development of six product elearning modules from a bespoke elearning provider. However, while the elearning was good and met its objectives, the development timeframe was too long and the cost too high. A speed-driven company like O2 needed to find a different way to meet their needs, allowing them to take control of the learning, deliver engaging courses within shorter time frames and have the flexibility to update their content. They decided to look into the market for ways of converting their courses into a rapid model. That’s where Kineo stepped in.

The solution

The first step to our approach? Building a prototype using Articulate to see how closely we could replicate a bespoke build.

The prototype

After reviewing the existing courses, City & Guilds Kineo worked on developing an Articulate equivalent using a custom Articulate skin and templates. We were able to achieve very similar navigation, art direction and interactions using Articulate. O2 therefore decided to make the investment and use Articulate as their main tool to build their in-house courses.

The initial courses

We developed these in a highly collaborative way. O2 provided the content and developed it with their subject matter experts around their sales model, while we built the courses in Articulate and created the art direction.

We also developed a custom skin to cover the main Articulate player. These skins enable organisations to create rapid content using Articulate that looks and operates like custom-built Flash courses.

Finally, we delivered the modules and all source files so O2 could manage course updates. We also delivered the skin so they could use it on courses they built for themselves.

Further courses

Following this, O2 looked into developing a rapid approach for the fast delivery of high quality courses. City & Guilds Kineo refined the processes in each new project as follows:

  • Make best use of rapid elearning tools: Choosing the right tool, developing reusable templates and training those involved
  • Build strong working relationships and consistent teams: Building trust, knowledge and experience
  • Be flexible: Using a mixed build approach and treating each other as partners
  • Make life easy for SMEs: Using reusable templates and a flexible review approach
  • Enhance the tool with Flash animations: Using these when needed

The results

Success story

Through developing and refining the rapid processes over time we’ve been able to achieve our goal of delivering quality at speed. We were able to deliver modules within ten days (or, in many cases, five), meet O2’s requirements in terms of budget and quality, and of course deliver on business critical deadlines.

Want to hear more? Just take a look at our positive user feedback – it speaks for itself.

What now?

O2 and City & Guilds Kineo have built one of the most flexible joint rapid elearning teams in the business and a proven rapid elearning model. Things don’t stand still, however. We are continuing to refine the processes, looking at new tools and approaches with XML updating to develop content faster and to deliver even higher levels of quality. We’re now working together to look at how mobile learning can be designed and delivered with rapid models too, building on these successes – so watch this space…

O2 Project manager:"We operate in a fast moving industry, which means that the timeframes and windows to launch a new product can be extremely narrow. We have to act quickly so the rapid development process and flexible approach we use at O2 helps us to meet these demands, by designing content ourselves in-house or working collaboratively with [City & Guilds] Kineo. By combining internal and external resources we are able to deliver our courses within budget and to agreed timescales."

This rapid approach has improved the effectiveness of our training offering to the business. Our courses are now more succinct and polished as we have been able to move the content forward using things like Flash animations. In Business Sales we employ the most expensive people in the company; using the rapid elearning for critical parts of the training ensures that we make the best use of their downtime and reduces the amount of time away from customers.”


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