Tradelink Product Knowledge & Customer Experience Training

Improving sales effectiveness by training front line staff on product knowledge and customer service skills - all on a tight deadline.

Tradelink Product Knowledge Case Study

The challenge

Tradelink Plumbing Supplies has over 200 plumbing centre retail locations across Australia, and were looking to increase the sales effectiveness of the business by creating product knowledge training for their front line staff. Given the diverse range of customers that visit Tradelink, the solution needed to present staff with enough context to enable them to have effective conversations with any of their customers, from the everyday DIYer to the experienced plumber. Given the immediacy of the need to train staff and to further help close the product knowledge gap, Tradelink wanted to roll out modules on their most popular products as soon as possible.

The solution

Tradelink Product Knowledge Elearning Screenshots

Tradelink reached out to Kineo Pacific for a solution to help increase staff product knowledge and customer service skills. Kineo Pacific knew that a rapid solution would be the most cost effective way to deliver Tradelink's requested set of modules in the shortened time frame.

Content Sourcing with SMEs

To kick off the project, Kineo Pacific worked closely with Tradelink and created content templates to help SMEs collect the precise information from their suppliers that would be relevant to the learning programme. An internal template was also created for Tradelink to assist in developing scenarios and assessment questions. This methodology ensured a streamlined approach to the module development process, and that the target of delivering a module every two weeks was met.

Real World Situations

Since the range of products carried by Tradelink is as diverse as their clientele, Kineo designers created effective scenario-based modules in Storyline that would train sales staff on both back-of-wall and front-of-wall products. The purpose of including realistic business-like scenarios was designed to reflect the learner's own personal work environment and actively encourage them to draw upon past experiences and knowledge.

Contextualized Application

The module was contextualized and brought to life through three archetypal characters; the novice apprentice, the experienced plumbers and the everyday mum; all consumers at Tradelink Plumbing Centres.

Tradelink Product Knowledge Elearning Polaroids

By including these characters in the scenarios, learners were equipped with the knowledge to associate specific customer types with specific product categories. Learners were also encouraged to go through in-situ knowledge checks, referring to the available resources when necessary - such as links to supplier websites, and product information documents, as they worked each of the scenarios.

At completion, learners are able to:

  • Identify correct products for the required application
  • Identify opportunities for a sales solution
  • Confidently explain features and benefits of a given product
  • Identify where to find further product information as required

The results

LearnX Gold Award 2014

Tradelink was ardent for something that was cost effective, quick to build, and most importantly, helped train their sales staff. The result was an award winning rapid elearning solution that assisted Tradelink in meeting their sales and internal development goals.

The modules came in on budget, and were delivered and deployed to learners every two weeks. In a recent staff survey, an astounding 92% of learners found the programme to be 'very good' and 83% responded that they had gained new product knowledge from the modules.

"The rapid elearning approach has quickly enhanced our product knowledge elearning offer and vastly improved the effectiveness of our training to the business. Using rapid elearning for specific parts of our product knowledge training ensures that employees are experts in the field and are able to provide better customer service overall." - Kevin Taylor, Elearning Specialist, Tradelink.


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