TUI Travel - Multi-Device Induction Learning

Flexible, digital resources for flagship induction programme designed to be used across desktops, tablets and smartphones.

The Challenge

TUI Travel had a mission to create a centre of excellence for training to provide staff with unrivalled product knowledge and enable them to deliver a personalised service to improve conversion, reduce net cost of distribution and be a credible retailer.

The online learning strategy was a crucial part of that vision. Specifically they challenged us to create an inspiring online induction for advisors in retail and contact centres that:

  • Provides consistent, quality training
  • Engages staff and leaves them wanting more
  • Gives advisers ‘bags of confidence’ so they can talk to customers with passion and expertise, becoming better than Google
  • Allows learners to access the learning from their PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Has industry-leading quality and visual appeal

Our Approach

Design for maximum impact

To kick things off, we came up with a design manifesto to bring the vision to life:

  • Create a feeling of excitement and eagerness to find out more: Capture hearts and minds for TUI Travel right at the beginning of their careers
  • Be inherently useful and flexible: These aren’t just modules, but resources the learner can refer back to at any time – even with customers
  • Speak to the best in the learners: Whether the learner sees this as a great career opportunity or just a job, we address the best in them to create a sense of enthusiasm
  • Tell stories: Using the power of narrative, we bring the content to life through anecdotes, examples and shared experiences
  • Be media rich: The learners respond well to videos and rich imagery. We use these effectively to inspire and bring to life the brand
  • Make the design intuitive: Modules that are easy and consistent to use, whatever the level of IT skills
  • Appeal to their competitive side: TUI Travel learners are known for their competitive edge, so – where appropriate – we create opportunities for challenge and competition

Multi-device solution

We used our responsive HTML5 framework to create a multi-device solution that can be accessed by learners seamlessly across desktops, smartphones and tablets with just one version. We harnessed the power of deep scrolling design to create an experience that feels akin to a natural web-like interface.

Rather than blindly designing an identical experience for each device, we came up with what would work best in each situation. For example, on the Destinations module, we designed an animated globe to navigate you through the learning on iPad and desktop. That would’ve been too fiddly and frustrating as a smartphone experience, so we designed an alternative mobile-friendly menu that doesn’t slow you down.

Bring the brand to life

We wanted to create a rich, visually appealing range of resources that could rival the very best travel brochures and websites out there.

Along with the TUI Travel brand and a carefully-honed tone of voice (bright, optimistic and expressive), we came up with something quite special that advisers are proud to share with their friends and customers.

The Results

Abi Pugh, Distribution Training Manager confirms the impact it’s had:

Feedback has been overwhelming from staff and managers alike. They haven’t seen training like this before and they love it. We have great examples of how travel advisors have used their expert product knowledge to give insider tips to our customers. As we move to more online training this will free up manger’s' time so they can focus on training outcomes and developing their teams.”

My advice to anyone embarking on a similar project would be to pick a supplier that you trust and you know you will get along with. The reasons behind choosing City & Guilds Kineo were not just based on their products. It was also made because we liked them and could see ourselves working well with them. I think this is really important as a strong working relationship and good communication is the key to success. Now other areas of the business are working with City & Guilds Kineo.”