Technical, Process and Systems Training

Success in most job roles is governed by effective processes. Sometimes these cut across sectors, like infrastructure and other systems. But often they are industry and organisation specific. That might be the process you use for consulting with your clients, or how you use a specific engineering process to achieve a competitive advantage.


If you need people to apply that process – you need to train them. Challenges in systems and process training can include:

  • Consistency:
    Make sure everyone is learning the same best practices.

  • Engagement:
    Your specific technical and process approach is too important to feel like a chore to work through.

  • Activation:
    It’s not just about understanding. It’s about taking responsibility for application of your processes and procedures, and knowing how and when to use the right ones.

  • Ongoing access:
    Make sure reminders are on tap at the point of need.


Our approach

  • Create context, sell the benefits:
    All processes and systems are enablers of a business goal. If you don’t focus on that goal, and provide some context for it, you miss an opportunity to get learners focused on how the process and system enables them to do better – there’s usually a ‘better for you, better for the business’ message that needs to be delivered upfront.

  • Tell a story:
    You need to show how the process brings about improvement, by making the learner a problem solver, giving them the tools to solve it, and setting realistic challenges.

  • Focus:
    More is not better. You need to apply the 80/20 rule and focus on only key tasks. Simple performance support, in-system practice, or help can handle the rest.

  • Let them get stuck in:
    Practice makes the difference. Provide combinations of Show Me (demonstrations of tasks), Try It (opportunities to practice with feedback when they get something wrong) and Test me (scored and assessed to confirm learners can do each task).


How we can help you

We can help you get systematic with your process and technical training. We’ve designed and developed elearning and blended solutions for a wide range of technical processes for many organisations in sectors including engineering, retail, catering, health, financial services and many more. These have ranged from short, focused modules on a specific process such as a procurement or timesheeting system, to more involved programmes for high-risk technical procedures in the energy sector.

Our services include:


Compass - Case study

Compass needed to train their team on a range of back office decision-support systems and processes. Our approach: turn them into detectives, and make the system training more interesting than you'd expect.

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BP - Case study

Complex and specific processes underpin BP's operations. We brought them to life and provided safe practice opportunities in this blended programme.

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