Delivery Partners

At Kineo we believe in partnerships and that team solutions are better than individual ones. For us this means working with the best teams in the industry, and we are very fortunate to have a range of exciting partners to help us to better support our clients.

From our fellow City & Guilds Group businesses to the many technology partners we work with, when you choose Kineo you gain access to a wealth of solutions, services and support to enable your business and people to improve their performance through learning and technology.

We are proud to work with our partner organisations below. If you would like to find out more about these, the services they provide and how they might work for your organisation, then please just get in touch with us.

Totara Learning Solutions

Kineo is a co-founder and owner of Totara Learning Solutions (TLS). TLS is a consortium of three companies: Kineo, Catalyst and Flexible Learning Network (now Kineo Asia Pacific) that came together to develop Totara LMS, a custom distribution of the popular Moodle LMS for enterprises.

Totara Learning Solutions provides a commercial open source solution for organisations seeking an effective, scalable and low cost learning platform (Totara LMS) or social learning platform (Totara Social). TLS manages a global network of partners, including Kineo, that deliver high quality commercial support services to this leading Learning Management System.


Adapt Learning

Kineo is a co-founder and key partner of Adapt Learning. Adapt is an open source project led by Kineo and a number of other collaborators including Sponge and Learning Pool.

Adapt is a free and easy to use elearning authoring tool that creates fully responsive, multi-device, HTML5 elearning content using the award-winning Adapt developer framework. Much of Kineo’s elearning is developed using Adapt.



City & Guilds have invested in Filtered, who are a leading provider of personalised online training solutions.

Filtered provide a platform with digital learning content covering a wide range of topics broadly covering practical business skills, MS Office and Business Systems Design. A training needs analysis tool (the Global Filter) and adaptive learning algorithms are used to personalise the learning pathway and significantly reduce learning time.


HT2 Labs

City & Guilds Group have invested in HT2 Labs, who provide next generation learning technology solutions, particularly focused around social and informal learning.

HT2 labs aim to tackle the biggest problems in education and workplace learning with simple, intuitive technology. Their core solutions include Learning Locker LRS (xAPI powered Learning Record Store), Curatr social learning platform and Red Panda personal learning hub.

Kineo work with HT2 Labs to develop xAPI-based solutions for our clients.


Empower The User

Empower The User are another City & Guilds investment partner. They provide software to develop simulations of work-scenarios, which include real time analytics for assessment purposes.

This is a new relationship, which Kineo are exploring to see how the EmpowerTheUser platform may support our client’s training needs.


Anders Pink

Run by ex Kineo-founders Steve Rayson and Stephen Walsh, Anders Pink is a web content curation tool which uses filters and a simple UX to provide a daily snapshot of your favourite topics. Team functionality provides a social learning content experience.

At Kineo we resell Anders Pink and integrate this with Totara LMS.


Hosting providers

  • Rackspace
    Rackspace is a world leader in hosting and cloud computing. With data centres across the world and exceptional 24/7/365 support, Rackspace are an ideal partner for our globally deployed solutions and for large scale solutions.

  • Melbourne

    As well as dedicated and cloud-based hosting solutions, Melbourne specialise in bespoke solutions to fit our clients' precise needs. This is backed up by exceptional level of service and customer care at a competitive price.


Authoring tools

Being elearning authoring tool agonistic, Kineo use Lectora, Articulate, Cativate, Elucidat and our own Adapt to develop elearning solutions based on the specific needs of our clients, learners and their technology environments.

  • Articulate
    Articulate is one of the world’s leading providers of elearning authoring software. Kineo are proud to have held a strong partnership with Articulate since we started, helped launch Articulate Storyline in the UK and have won many awards with Articulate-based solutions. Find out more about Articulate Storyline 3

  • Lectora
    Lectora is a well-established and popular elearning authoring tool with both online and desktop versions. Lectora is a more advanced authoring tool, able of producing responsive design output for cross-platform compatible elearning. Read our Lectora tool review

  • Elucidat
    Elucidat is increasingly popular due to its flexibility and ease of use, and Kineo are pleased to offer in-house expertise to develop Elucidat-based courses or support our clients’ teams in doing so.

  • Adobe Captivate
    Kineo have been producing Captivate-based elearning since our inception and were asked by Adobe to provide the demos for a previous version of Captivate based on the quality of our work. Read our Captivate tool review


City & Guilds Group business partners

  • City & Guilds
    City & Guilds is a global leader in skills development whose purpose is to enable people and organisations to develop their skills for personal and economic growth.

  • The Oxford Group
    The Oxford Group is a global organisation, providing management training, leadership development and executive coaching to the world’s leading companies.

  • ILM
    ILM is part of the City & Guilds Group of businesses and is focused on developing today and tomorrow’s leaders. The ILM designs courses, qualification and apprenticeships which are delivered through training centres in the UK and beyond.

  • DigitalMe

    Like Kineo, DigitalMe is a City & Guild Group business. DigitalMe provide Open Badge solutions to recognise skills and achievements in education and business.

  • e3Learning
    e3Learning are an Australian-based learning technology provider who are part of the City & Guilds Group and closely aligned to Kineo.


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