e3Learning joins Kineo to be the dominant force in the APAC elearning market

The relationship between the workforce and learning has never been more of a priority globally, with new jobs, new ways of working and automation expected to drive 375 million workers to develop and learn new skills by 2030. The future path has been set for corporate learning, with Australian company e3Learning and globally renowned elearning specialist Kineo, announcing this week they are joining forces to be the dominant force in the APAC elearning market.

This strategic move for Kineo was backed up with a discussion with leading industry experts across L&D, HR and WHS on the shifts within the workplace and learning sectors.

Both companies are part of the global City & Guilds group and together are now able to offer their 700 existing clients and partners access to the next generation of workplace elearning courses and online training materials.

“This is an exciting time for our clients and for the industry. e3Learning has built a strong reputation in Australia for more than 12 years and has received many accolades during this time. The opportunity for e3Learning to join forces with Kineo, a huge player in the global market, will allow us to bring clients the best of both worlds, including building on our already strong content services, increasing our innovation, and developing the future elearning that industry, organisations and learners are demanding,” says Vicky Bartolacci, Managing Director Kineo APAC.

With the future of many heading towards massive change, and 91% of Australian organisations who are unsure of how to build a future-ready organisation, there is no doubt there is a huge need for the elearning industry to be able to move to the next level.

A panel discussion held today featured speakers such as Kerry Brooks (ILP CEO & Founder), Rosemary Guyatt (AHRI General Manager, People & Culture), Siobhan Sutherland-Rogers (AITD Interim CEO & Board Member), Bernie Doyle (NSCA Chairman) and Vicky Bartolacci (Kineo Managing Director, APAC). All parties were united in the need to redefine online training, personalising the entire elearning experience to the learner and to highly prioritise upskilling the growing workforce.

“At Kineo our goals are simple. For us, it starts with listening. We have listened to, and understood

the needs and challenges our clients and industry partners are facing, particularly as we move further into an automated workforce. It’s about eliminating the jargon and creating a true andmeasurable impact through personalised learning,” says Ms Bartolacci.

“It’s truly time for all organisations to have a firm stance and action plan to further develop the individual skill-sets of their employees. For Kineo, and our clients, we are committed to take the lead in what will likely be among the most significant changes to the workforce that we have seen,” concluded Ms Bartolacci.