Mobile Learning Part 1: Designing it right [GUIDE]

It's about:

How and where to use mobile and multi-device elearning 

It's aimed at:

Training and development teams tasked with bringing mobile learning into their businesses.


Designing-Mobile-LearningMobile learning has pushed beyond the ‘what if’ hype to ‘what now’. But how do you get there? We’ve identified a core set of learning design models to help internal teams.

Even inexperienced practitioners can quickly understand these models and easily apply them to the vast majority of learning requirements that come their way.

Mark Harrison worked with Cammy Bean to put together this guide to present models that combine some of the best principles and leading practices gained from our years of research and experience in the UK and USA. They can give your internal teams a shared vocabulary and point of view and ensures every program has a solid instructional design strategy at its foundation.

Our guide on designing mobile elearning focuses on:

  • 10 design tips for designing mobile e-learning to make an impact
  • 10 examples of where and how to use mobile to best effect

Download Mobile Learning Part 1: Designing It Right

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Part 2: Implementing Mobile Learning - Helping you with the decision making process around tools and technologies.

Part 3: Creating Mobile Learning - A step-by-step guide to writing and developing your mobile learning.