Client Services

At Kineo we offer a range of wrap-around 'learning services' to complement our learning products. Our Client Services team will partner with you from the moment your LMS goes live, providing the support you require to ensure the ongoing success of your online learning.

Who we are

We’re the team that supports you once your LMS and learning goes live to users. We become an extension to your business, partnering with you by providing the daily help and expertise required to make a success of your learning investment and to help you to overcome your L&D challenges.


Hosting services

Whatever your hosting requirements, we can meet them – firstly by identifying the best hosting platform to meet your needs, and then by deploying and managing the platform on your behalf. We won’t bore you with the finer details, but be assured we place data security, system uptime and site performance at the top of their priority lists.

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Platform support

It can be nerve-wracking rolling out your learning to users. What if there’s a system issue? What if it doesn’t go smoothly? We’re here to support and guide you in any way you need, from simple admin “how-to” questions through to detailed consultancy regarding the ideal configuration of your site.

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Customer stories

Whether you’re a small start-up, or large multinational, we’re already serving customers just like you. This means you can be confident in our ability to understand your requirements and the challenges you face, and partner with you to deliver the service solution you need.

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