Contractor Management System

With the rise of the “Gig Economy,” companies and workers are seeing less of a focus on the traditional employer‑employee relationship. Contractors are expected to make up a large part of the workforce with many organisations increasingly finding more reasons to utilise contractors, ranging from the simple need to get talent in the door quickly.

Our Contractor Management System is an online compliance and workforce management system which enables you to select, engage and authorise your entire workforce, including contractors, suppliers, employees and volunteers.

Traditional entire workforce management involves manual timekeeping books and interpreting employee handwriting to enter data in a spreadsheet. With our Contractor Management System, you can keep track of contractor verification, induction, permissions, time management and location data online. You can monitor contractors in conjunction with visitor and staff data to keep all records in one efficient and easy‑to‑use system.


Some of the key features include:


Contractors and suppliers self‑register and upload relevant records about both their business and their employees.


Manage your on‑site contractor induction training and compliance requirements.


Verify the information provided by contractors prior to issuing an induction card.


Easily integrate with your current Human Resource Management Systems.


Manage different roles and risk levels, set your business requirements, capture accreditations, licenses, insurance and site prequalification information.


Our Contractor Management System takes the hassle away from your current manual system and puts control back into your hands to ensure you can meet your compliance obligations.