Compliance and Policy

We operate in an increasingly regulated world. Every organisation faces the challenge of ensuring teams are aware of policy and regulations.

But awareness, assessment and short term memory recall are not enough. To really achieve widespread and lasting compliance, you need to:

  • Bring about a behaviour change that sustains beyond a training event
  • Deliver that change in a cost effective and consistent way across a large audience, often in tight timeframes
  • Empower people to act and support them in challenging situations where compliance comes into play and the answer isn’t obvious
  • Have unquestionable proof for audit and external stakeholders – with assessments that actually means something.

Our approach

We see three elements as vital to effective compliance programmes:

  • Campaign for change:
    Compliance won’t happen unless your teams are aware there’s a need to do something differently. Training is rarely the answer. A multi-channel campaign approach is far more likely to open minds and hearts to making a change.

  • Design for impact:
    Through our range of proven learning design techniques, we bring learners on the journey to making that change. Context, stories, challenge, motivation, and effective assessment all play a part in this.

  • Sustain for results:
    Make sure you are supporting your team beyond the course. Through strong calls for action, creation of communities, and ongoing communication through portals and other channels, we ensure that there’s an ongoing conversation and the initiative remains alive in your organisation.


How we can help you

We deliver you results through our compliance services:


ASB Bank - Case study

We created a suite of scenario-driven compliance modules for this major Australian Bank to address changing regulatory requirements.

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BP - Case study

Raising standards for safety and operations performance through a global blended compliance programme – and raising awareness through a sustained campaign.

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