Customer Experience and Service

The experience you deliver to your customers is the single most critical factor in determining the success of your business. So the quality and effectiveness of your customer service training must be at the heart of your business strategy.

You need it to:

  • Simulate real experiences with customers, allowing practice in a safe environment
  • Model best practice in customer service and ensure a consistent approach across your business
  • Be available at point of need - which may be ten minutes of quiet time on the shop floor

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Our approach

We've helped leading companies delight their customers - and their learners. Here's our not so secret sauce for customer service learning:

  • Target your solution: Focus on measurable objectives so we know what improvement will look like. This might be mystery shopper scores, cross selling targets or a particular metric

  • Show what great looks like, and what it doesn’t: You need your team to have high standards for service. We design interactions so learner can watch a customer interaction unfold with a critical eye

  • Model excellence, and let people practice: We design scenarios that put learners eye to eye with customers using video and audio

  • Share stories: Stories of great, and less than great customer service are a key part of our designs. They can live beyond the learning - portal tools like discussion forums are great for this

  • Make it a movement: Customer service is everyone’s job, every day. You have to keep it alive through spaced interventions and reminders

How we can help you

Clients including HP, M&S, Vodafone have served their customers with our learning backing them up. Our customer service learning services include:

  • Bespoke elearning with immersive scenarios and resources that enable your team to practice customer service in a safe environment, on any device

Case studies

Our experience covers customer service in many sectors and topics, including: retail and financial services, customer service; consultative selling for products and services; telephony/call centre service; compliant handling and management; combining product knowledge, sales and customer service.

Here are some examples:

Marks & Spencer: Café Service Heroes

M&S case study

Improving customer service by 22% and saving £500k in year one - yes we can. Take a look at the module that made the M&S café team heroes and won elearning project of the year.

Read the case study.

HP: Total Customer Experience

HP case study

Saving the day for HP by designing a story-driven customer service elearning project, built in just four weeks. "The best vendor experience I ever had", said our HP client - we liked that.

Read the case study.

Latest resources

Get in touch - We're proud of our own award-winning customer service solutions. Let us show you some of them as we talk about your customer service learning needs.

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