Learning Insights for the New Year [WEBINAR]

A new year is upon us. Let's take some time to reflect on 2014 as we kick-off 2015. How have learning technologies and learning methods changed over the past year? What challenges are organizations having, and how can we solve them? What changes do we need to implement over the next year in L&D? 

Join us on Thursday, January 29th, for a webinar to discuss and examine the findings from this year's Learning Insights Report. Kineo US leaders, Cammy Bean, VP of Learning Design and Chip Cleary, VP of Solutions & Consulting, will discuss the key trends that have emerged over the past year as well as insights for what's to come. 

In this webinar we will explore: 

  • Key findings from Kineo's Annual Learning Insights Report
  • How the learning landscape has changed over the past year
  • Common L&D challenges and opportunity areas
  • Tips to make your L&D strategy high impact in 2015