All Onboard! How to Revamp Induction Learning

The first 90 days can make or break a new hire - and when 50% end up leaving their job within this time frame, L&D Departments need to shift attention to the onboarding process for a solution. Organisations need to be savvy when it comes to onboarding  and that means looking to technology to exceed new hire expectations, whilst preventing common onboarding challenges.

On April 30th, City & Guilds Kineo invites the global learning and development community to attend the latest webinar: All Onboard! How to Revamp Induction Learning with a Multi-Device Approach.

In this free webinar, attendees will understand:

  • The risks and challenges common with induction training programmes
  • How a multi-device approach can eliminate those risks
  • How TUI & Network Rail utilised a multi-device approach to onboarding with real life demos and statistics on user feedback

Think your induction training has what it takes to keep your newbies from jumping ship? Sign up today to see how you could revamp your organisation's onboarding training programme!

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Webinar will take place April 30th, at 10am GMT, 7PM Australian Eastern Standard Time.