Get to Know Adapt [WEBINAR]

Interested in learning more about the Adapt Framework for multi-device learning? Join us for one of our webinar sessions.

About this webinar:

With learning and technology continually evolving, it's clear that we live in a multi-device world. Just glance around the next time you're on public transportation. What's everyone look at? It isn't uncommon for the average professional to use 3 or more devices a day. Multi-device solutions are becoming a growing priority for learning technology developers. 

Adapt makes multi-device learning easy. Using a responsive elearning design approach, Adapt creates just one version of your elearning in HMTL5, which responds intelligently to the device it's viewed on. The advancement of this technology is making desktop to tablet to smartphone device learning seamless. 


This session will cover:

  • An overview of the Adapt Framework
  • Adapt design capabilities
  • Use cases 
  • The benefits of responsive design
Get your questions answered and see what Adapt can do for you. 
Attending mLearnCon 2014? Visit your friends at Kineo. Hear Steve Lowenthal, CEO, Kineo US, present "Device-proof your learning" and get a LIVE demo of Adapt at our booth #310.