10 Ways to Love Your LMS [WEBINAR]

We know it can be challenging to love an LMS that doesn't respond to your needs like you want it to. Or that sometimes you make a commitment for a long-term relationship with your LMS and you get that three year itch down the road, realising that it's no longer the same as when you first met. So what can you do to get back on track and start feeling a bit of love again?

Kineo Pacific will be hosting a special webinar to counsel your relationship with your LMS back to good health: 

Through this webinar, we'll be exploring: 

  • The ways that you can bring your LMS back to life, and how they can apply to you 
  • Learning technologies that can help spice things up such as: social learning integration, multi-device design and your LMS, Open Badges and much more
  • Your complaints and issues with your LMS and helping to try and solve these
  • LMS relationships that work such as  Sony, EasyJet, Good Shepherd and more
  • The art of LMS matchmaking and why Totara LMS might be the one - a look at the brand new features and capabilities of Totara 2.6

The webinar will be presented by Nigel Young, Learning Technologies Manager, on June 25th at 11am Australian Eastern Standard Time - 1pm New Zealand Standard Time. Nigel will be focusing on Totara LMS and talking about how this might work for your organisation, including the points above, and, design and functional capabilities, the cost effective benefits of this open source learning management system, and providing examples of cutting edge Totara implementations. 

Want to catch the webinar from the US? Tune in to the webinar  on Wednesday June 24th at 8pm CST/ 9pm EST to hear it live!

Are you ready to fall in love with your LMS? Register for Kineo Pacific's complimentary webinar today