mLearnCon 2014

Kineo will be presenting and exhibiting at mLearnCon, a leading mobile learning conference and expo in North America.

mLearnCon2014 focuses on the explosive and varied growth of mobile technologies, the ways these technologies are integrating into the training mix, and how mLearning is becoming an essential part of any successful organizational learning strategy. Whether you're new to mobile learning technologies or have years of experience, mLearnCon offers you the proven approaches, relevant information, and knowledgeable community to explore the expanding world of mobile learning. 

Visit Kineo in booth #310 where we will be showcasing our open source innovation and multi-device solutions powered by open source Adapt and Totara Mobile. 

Adapt makes multi-device elearning easy. Using a responsive elearning design approach, Adapt creates just one version of your elearning in HTML5, which responds intelligently to the device it's viewed on. 

Totara LMS Mobile brings the best of Totara to multiple devices. With a simple, intuitive design and access to learning on demand, Totara LMS Mobile means increased convenience, access to productivity, with the power and cost-effectiveness of open source. 

Register using this special code, MLC14KINEO100, and you'll get $100 off your registration! 

Kineo is presenting two sessions. 

#912 The Accidental Mobile Learning Designer, Cammy Bean
9:45 AM - 10:45 AM Thursday, June 26th 

#606 Adapt: Device-proof Your Learning
2:45 PM - 3:45 PM Wednesday, June 25th 

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