NZATD eLearning Essentials Programme - Intro to eLearning [EVENT]

Kineo Pacific has partnered up again with NZATD (New Zealand Association for Training and Development) to sponsor and deliver the eLearning Essentials Programme in 2014, to members of the organisation as well as learning and development professionals in New Zealand.

This year, the NZATD eLearning Essentials Programme will have a dynamic mix of several face-to-face events, online events using the latest in social learning (webinars and Google Hangout), online discussions, quizzes and activities, presented by experienced members of the Kineo Pacific team. Participants who attend all of the events will also receive a certificate of completion. 

The mandatory introductory class, Introduction to eLearning, will be held on Thursday April 10th. Nigel Young, Kineo Pacific's Manager of Learning Technologies, will be presenting this class, which will outline the main needs for elearning in modern organisations and how to commence the elearning journey. Attendees are encouraged to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to take notes, tweet, and participate online (and in-class) during the event.

By the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

  • Explain what elearning is and how it can be used effectively in blended learning
  • Explain what collaborative tools are including the difference between synchronous and asynchronous tools
  • Explain what the use of social media and collaborative tools in learning
  • Explain what a learning management system (LMS) is and be able to use the core functions of an LMS
  • Descrive the process of storyboarding and how it is used to design elearning
  • and much more!
"The eLearning Essentials Programme is great opportunity for people new to elearning and learning technologies to get a really good start into understanding the core principles and great tips along the way," says Nigel. "By having a mix of face-to-face events, webinars and interaction through learning technologies and social media, it gives participants the opportunity to get involved with these approaches that are used in the workplace, right away. The programmed is not aimed at elearning professionals, but those with some understanding of elearning, but those individuals with limited experience will walk away with significant know-how and understanding from the programme."

For more information about NZATD and how to register for the eLearning Essentials Program, click here