Play to Learn by Learning to Play [WEBINAR]

We know that learning is a process, beyond the knowledge itself. A book by itself isn’t much learning, but discussing it, applying it, arguing with it, and writing your own definitely is. In other words, ‘playing with it.’

This webinar will gather some definitions and examples of playful learning and then we’ll ask some challenging questions of them, and how we can start thinking about corporate eLearning from the position of ‘play.’ Be prepared to discuss eLearning projects you've seen, and ideas you have to share on learning by playing.

 Key takeaways:

  • How gamified eLearning appeals to broader learner types.
  • The relationship between playful learning and fostering creativity.
  • Questions to ask yourself when designing eLearning to make it more playful.
  • What techniques you can apply to make eLearning more playful.

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About The Presenter: 

Richard Durham, is a Senior Instructional Designed based out of Kineo Pacific's Auckland office. Richard spent 10 years teaching in schools across the United States, and eventually translated his skills into an instructional design role, and found himself moving from New York state to New Zealand in 2013. Richard enjoys instructional around driving behaviours, and combining play theory with learning. His passion has always been in games design, which he brings to his instructional techniques.  Read more about Richard's passion for games in his recent blog post, What's Killing Your Gamification and How to Heal it.