Rethinking Performance Management for 2017 [Webinar]

Date:  January 31, 2017
Time: 10 AM  - 11 AM (CST-Chicago) 
             4 PM  -   5 PM (GMT-London)
Duration: 1 hour

Join Kineo and The Oxf­­­ord Group as they explore how to successfully transition from traditional "rate and compensate" performance management systems to more agile approaches designed to empower and develop employees.

It's about:

Understanding why how and why performance management is changing - and the three key requirements for a successful transition: motivation, means, and skills.

It's aimed at:

HR and people manager's considering a shift away from a traditional performance management system.

"Performance management as practiced by most organizations has become a rule-based, bureaucratic process, existing as an end in itself rather than actually shaping performance. Employees hate it. Managers hate it. Even HR departments hate it".  Lazlo Brock, SVP of People Operations at Google in his book 'Work Rules!'.

In this webinar we discuss:

  • Why this shift is happening
  • Why it's happening now
  • Where the change will come from
  • The challenges in implementation.

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