Totara User Group 2015 - Personalised Learning In Your LMS

Curious how other Totara users are leveraging their LMS, and getting excellent results? Want to better understand how to create a more personalised learner experience in your LMS?

totara_partner_2014_200pxJoin City & Guilds Kineo, Totara’s Top Partner,  in London on Wednesday, July 15th to share, network and learn from other LMS users.

We love sharing (you know that). And we want to encourage you to share too. Which is why we’re getting together all of our Totara users and clients from across the UK to share and learn from each other.

We’ll of course be facilitating the event with some excellent case study examples of interesting and innovative LMS solutions, and will be sharing the challenges and successes of the Learning Management System. Join us to learn:

  • How to use key data points in your LMS to create more personalised learner experiences, with examples of how this is already working in businesses
  • The big WHY of social - Why do you think you need it, and what could you be using it for?
  • A best-in-class case study of Samsung's on-brand, extended enterprise solution. Built to create a sleek user experience, we share this global business' answer to the LMS

We’ll be providing late afternoon drinks and snacks throughout the evening too, and will be giving you plenty of time to meet others like you to learn from each other and share. Register your interest in this event using the form below, and come share with others like you!

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Please note: Spaces for this event are limited. As such, your registration for this event is not complete until you have received confirmation, which can take up to 3 working days.