Beyond Basics: The Bigger Picture In LMS Learning Design [WEBINAR]

When it comes to your LMS, are you thinking enough about your learners? In the first instalment of our Totara User Group webinar series, we explore the importance of considering learner styles & personas when designing learning, and highlight how a LMS can create a qualified, valuable learner journey.

Everyone approaches and interacts with learning differently. So what can we do to ensure that our learning reaches our learners in an engaging and powerful way? By exploring how learner personas can impact a learner journey, and how a LMS can support this, this webinar will showcase the value learner personas can add to any L&D strategy.

Join us on October 8 at 3PM BST where we’ll explore:

  • The 4 common learner persona types and the type of learning that engages each type best
  • The importance of learner journeys, and how these can be mapped through the LMS using personas
  • Ideas and tips on how to create your own learner personas, and ways to identify prominent learner types in your organisation

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