Watch & Learn: How Others Effectively Use Their LMS [WEBINAR]

Learning from others is one of the best ways to learn. In part two of our Totara User Group webinar series, examine how two of our clients, BMI Healthcare and MindEd, are using their LMS effectively, from compliance through to effective and engaging portals.

There are many ways to use an LMS. Some have complex integration with other organisational platforms. Others use them to produce tailored learner journeys. But they all have one thing in common: effectively meeting both the organisational and learner needs. Learner needs are met through feeling connected and involved in the learning process and organisational needs are met through increased engagement and productivity whilst delivering cost-savings and detailed learner tracking.

Join us on October 15 at 3PM BST where we’ll explore:

  • How CIPD PMA Award Shortlister BMI Healthcare effectively uses their LMS for to meet strict compliance needs
  • The role the LMS can play in influencing learners
  • Ways the LMS can be used to increase engagement, shown through client case studies
  • How an effective LMS can meet both the organisational and learner needs

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