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As you know, we like to share our knowledge and experience here at City & Guilds Kineo. And we have many ways for you to do the same. Get involved and join our community of learning professionals.

So many channels - and so much time for all of them, of course...

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We love to share on social media - and we know you do too. We're active on a number of popular social channels where we share our latest and greatest, and invite you to share your thoughts with us.


Twitter is where we broadcast details of our latest news and resources. If we've got an event on, and you can't make it in person, you'll still be able to feel a part of it by following us as we tweet the key points. Follow us @kineo.


We use our Facebook page as a less formal communications channel, sharing elearning related stories that we find of interest and think you'll like too. Like our Facebook page.

YouTube and SlideShare

If we've talked about it, we've put the presentation online. Don't miss a thing: subscribe to our SlideShare.  If it's videos from our events, demos of our projects, feedback from our clients, and even video tips on learning design: you'll find it all at our You Tube channel.


We use our Google page to share our news and demos. It's also a great place to hangout and catch up with the latest news from our offices. Make us part of your circles.


The eLearning Professionals Group on LinkedIn is where over 7,000 professionals with elearning, training and LMS interests hang out. We share ideas, help each other with challenges, and have healthy debate about the trends in our industry.

If you're not already involved in the discussions, then make yourself heard: Join our eLearning Professionals LinkedIn group.

Don't forget to follow our company page whilst you're there!

Cammy's Blog

Cammy Bean is our US VP of Learning Design. She runs a fantastic blog where she explores instructional design and other topics related to elearning.

She's been working in the corporate training field since the early to mid 90's, and spent most of that time working for elearning vendors: companies that design and develop elearning programs for a wide variety of projects.

Visit Cammy's Instructional Design Blog or read her posts on our blog here.

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