April 2012 Newsletter

Issue 78 – April 2012

Contents this month:

1. Free guide: Mobile Learning part 3 - creating it right
2. Case Study: Institute of Directors: Leadership E-learning and Portal
3. Kineo Essentials: Two more added to the range
4. Top tip: Sharpen that Axe
5. Market update: Blackboard gets Moodle
6. Energy sector survey: Share your views, we’ll share a free guide
7. News and events: E-learning Awards Headline Sponsorship, Industry report, upcoming shows, now hiring

Editor's note:

We’re loving the longer evenings at Kineo. More light to shed on all things e-learning, which is what we do this month with:

  • Part 3 of our guide on mobile learning – creating it right
  • A new case study on our Moodle and E-learning collaboration with the Institute of Directors
  • More Kineo Essentials modules to help shine a light on Freedom of Information and Complaint Handling legislation

There’s top tips, surveys, and some very interesting market news too.

OK, so most of us lost an hour a few weeks ago – but think of the time you’ll save by getting all your e-learning guidance right here. You’re way ahead of the game, and it’s not even half time yet...


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1. Free Guide: Mobile Learning Part 3: Creating it Right…

So, you’ve come up with your mobile learning design and worked out your implementation plan because: 1). You are brilliant, creative and 2.) Maybe you, of course, you read our first two mobile learning guides from February and March...

But how do you now go about writing and developing it? Could it be we’ve got a guide for this too? It could be. This third part in the series will take you step by step through the process of creating your mobile learning modules.

You can find the mobile guide here.

Like free stuff? There are over 40 other free Kineo guides and reports in the revamped Kineo website.

Help yourself. Or, ask 4,000 other people to help you in the Elearning Professionals Community. Ask a question, throw out an opinion – or even put some sample work and get the world’s e-learning gurus to tell you what they think – be brave, it can only help…

2. Case Study: Institute of Directors: Leadership E-learning and Portal

We love to share the work we do – and a lot of it is with professional bodies, associations and institutions. An example we’re really proud of is our partnership with the Institute of Directors. With over 100 years of experience and over 40,000 individual members, the IoD is recognised as the oldest, most established and largest membership organisation for directors in the world. So you’d expect the IoD to have a high quality online hub for directors with the latest in learning - which is where we came in…

This month’s case study tells the story of how we worked together with the IoD team to create a Moodle-based platform with great learning resources.

3. Kineo Essentials: Two more added to the range

For organisations looking to deliver a high quality e-learning solution that addresses the key topics, there’s a new way to get there quickly. Our new Kineo Essentials suite provides an e-learning solution for meeting core skills and compliance needs, from diversity and health and safety to leadership and management.

The first e-learning suite is a series of personal effectiveness modules:

    • Creativity
    • Coaching
    • Communication
    • Decision Making
    • Time Management
    • Leadership
    • Networking
    • Problem-Solving
    • Difficult Conversations
    • Self-development

These were developed with Good Practice, a leading provider of management and personal skills learning.

The second is a compliance suite of e-learning modules for the UK, with titles including:

    • Anti-Bribery
    • Data Protection
    • Diversity
    • Diversity for Managers
    • Health & Safety
    • Anti-Money Laundering
    • Treating Customers Fairly
    • Information Security

This month we’ve added two more modules to the range:

Complaints management: You can’t keep everyone happy all the time. Great customer service is important, but sometimes things go wrong. Are your staff aware of what to do, and what the rules are, when it comes to dealing with complaints?
Our new module will help. Find out more here.

The UK Freedom of Information Act has made the headlines since it came into effect in 2005, but unless you’re the editor of a national daily newspaper (and if you are, well hello…), you might not know how it works. Here’s a quick and easy way to bring your team up to speed.

The modules are available individually or as a complete branded online suite of learning modules providing easy access to learning and full tracking and reporting. If you need a branded portal with high quality e-learning in a serious hurry at a low cost– talk to us.

Find out more and sign up for a free trial here.

4. Top tip: Sharpen that Axe

Sometimes a lot of information is, well, too much information. How to get to the point in e-learning? You sharpen your axe. Here’s how…

Find the rest of our top tips here.

Or let our top tips find their way to you through our free Top Tips app on the App Store.

5. Market update: Blackboard gets Moodle

‘Gets’ in a few senses…big news in the market this month is Blackboard’s acquisition of two Moodle Partners. What does this mean for the (until now) proprietary LMS player, for Moodle, and for the LMS market in general? You won’t be surprised to hear we’ve got a view…

Read this month’s update here.

6. Energy sector survey: Share your views, we’ll share a free guide

Last month we asked those of you in the financial services sector to share your views on what’s happening in the sector. Thanks for the many responses – we’ll be sharing these in a new guide on financial services very shortly. It’s not too late to sneak in a response here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KVFHLNK

This month we’re looking at the Energy Sector. In the run-up to the Getenergy conference in London in June, we’re preparing a new guide on the key trends and developments in Oil and Gas and Utilities clients – and we’re keen to get your views.

If you’re in the sector, it’d be great if you could take 10 minutes to take part in our survey – we’ll be sure to get a copy of the guide to you. You can complete it here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CYNVV8G

7. News and events: E-learning Awards Headline Sponsorship and Industry report, upcoming shows, now hiring

Australia: Kineo Pacific sponsors AITD conference April 18-19th

Kineo is delighted to announce that it is a Silver Sponsor for the 2012 AITD National Conference at the Australian Technology Park, Sydney on 18-19 April. The Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) National Conference is one of Australia's leading industry events for learning and development professionals featuring keynote sessions, workshops and a trade expo. Come and see us at the show, find out more here.

US: Kineo’s Cammy Bean speaking at ASTD conference, April 20th

For the second year in a row, Kineo’s Cammy Bean will be speaking as part of the ASTD New England Area Conference on April 20 in Chelmsford, MA. This year’s conference theme is “Innovations in Learning”. Looks like it’s going to be an interesting show – find out more here.

UK: Getenergy 2012, June 13th-14th, London

Some advance notice on this one – we’re exhibiting at the Getenergy 2012 global show in June. It’s focused on learning and development for the Energy sector and promises to be a valuable show for all in the sector with L&D responsibilities. We’ll share more details closer to the show – find out more here: http://www.getenergyevent.com/

E-learning Awards Sponsorship and major new report

We’re delighted to confirm our headline sponsorship of the E-learning Awards 2012. The awards are a great celebration of what works in our industry, and a challenge to all of us to keep raising our game each year – as well we should…

To that end, this year we’re delighted to announce sponsorship of a new independent report into e-learning best practice. The report will compile some of the great successes across our industry, with expert views on what makes technology-enabled learning effective, not just in the UK but globally. We’ll be sharing more about this report in the coming months, and you can read about the deal on the Elearning Age website.

Now hiring

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