December 2011 Newsletter

Issue 73 – December 2011

Contents this month:

  1. Learning Technologies: heads up for January…
  2. Capella University: What Color is Your Parachute? Come to the webinar, see the portal...
  3. Charity close-up: Whizz Kidz and MS Society case studies
  4. Totara update: one year on
  5. Design models for e-learning: webinar recording
  6. Book review: Design for how people learn
  7. Top tip: three tips for testing
  8. Market update: recent acquisitions, what’s next?
  9. Kineo news: Upcoming events, Kineo Essentials, now hiring - and more Jazz!

Editor's note:

It’s heads down to end of the year time, and it’s a good time to reflect. We bring you some fireside material to help you do just that, with:

A look back at one year of Totara LMS – 80 clients and 30 partners later, what it’s been link to shake up the LMS Market with a new product

A look at some of the pro-bono and charity work we’ve been proud to do alongside our corporate work at Kineo

And of course a heads-up on what��s coming at Learning Technologies 2012, the must-do show of the e-learning calendar, only 6 weeks away now…

With Top tips, market updates and more, it’s not even close to wind-down time yet. But it is certainly time to say to all of our great team around the world, our clients and partners, Season’s greetings and here’s to a great 2012


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1. Learning Technologies 2012: heads-up for January…

You probably don’t want to think about January right now – but it’s worth it for Learning Technologies: 25th and 26th January, Olympia 2 in London.

Now in its 13th year, it’s become the major event in the e-learning calendar. This year the show is bigger than ever, and we’re looking forward to returning to stand 64. We’ve got plenty to share with you:

Three times the talking…

We’re running three events this year:

  • 11am on 25th: Tesco and Totara seminar: Tesco is the UK’s largest private employer. Come to this session to hear from Tesco how Totara has made an impact on their business.
  • 11am on 26th: Compass E-learning seminar: Join Compass and Kineo to find out how award-winning open source LMS and e-learning has delivered real results to this global business.
  • 2.30pm on 25th: Mobile learning workshop: There is going to be a lot of talk about mobile learning this year. What works in practice? Join us as we talk through the practical use of mobile in corporates, and share practical examples of mobile in action.

Get a paper, win an iPad…

We’ll also be giving away free copies of our new Mobile Learning Guide at Stand 64. Turn up to enter our draw to win a free iPad – because one is never enough.

Share your tip, get a conference pass…

It’s a big show, and we know many of you are veterans. You’ve probably got advice for how to make it a good experience. We’d love you to share your top tip for how to make it a successful show for your colleagues in the industry – that could be make sure you visit a particular stand (not naming names of course) to make sure you don’t get a cheese sandwich. From the cerebral to the surreal – bring them on. We’ll share them in our Top Tips App special show edition.

There’s something in it for you too – the best tip wins a conference pass. There are some great speakers at the conference, and with the pass you get a free gift, either a new Nintendo 3DS, an Amazon Kindle or an Apple iPod nano.

Share your tip here:

We’re really looking forward to seeing you at Learning Technologies – find out more and fix up a meeting with us.

2. Case study: Cappella University - What Color Is Your Parachute?

If you’re in the US, you undoubtedly know about this seminar book on career choices, and if you don’t know it – it’s a must read, however far along in life you are. We’ve partnered with Capella University to create an online portal to complement the book, using Totara LMS. With a community, video elements, and e-learning to support learners, it’s given a classic read a whole new lease of life.

You can also join us in a webinar on January 13th at 3pm UK / 10am CST. Register here.

3. Charity close-up: Whizz Kidz and MS Society case studies

Each year we partner with a range of charitable organizations to help them use learning and technology to support their great work. We’ve worked with many this year, including most recently:

  • A partnership with Whizz-Kidz, a charity focused on helping young wheelchair users across the UK, to develop a course on healthy living
  • Our collaboration with the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) society, which was our chosen pro-bono project in 2011.

You can see case studies of these and other charity projects on our Charity pages.

Do be generous to these charities if you can at this time of year – we know they will be grateful.

We’ll be doing another pro-bono project for a selected charity 2012, and we welcome any suggestions for a worthy cause – just email us at and let us know who you think we should support and why.

4. Totara update: one year on

It was January when we launched Totara LMS at Learning Technologies 2011. Back then, Kineo and the other Totara founders Catalyst IT and Flexible Learning had a modest vision: Turn the corporate LMS market upside down. If you’re going to be in the game, may as well be a gamechanger…

So what’s it like launching an LMS and how did year one go? Find out here.

(Spoiler alert: 80 clients later, it’s gone pretty well…)

5. Design models for e-learning: webinar recording

Last month we launched our new guide on design models for e-learning – available in the ever-generous Free Thinking area of our site.

We took it live last week, with a webinar to share the ideas with many of you, and of course get your feedback. If you like to listen along while you peruse the paper, then that multi-channel experience can now be yours. In other words, we recorded the webinar and put it on our website. Sometimes simple language is better.

Download the white paper and view the webinar recording.

6. Book review: Design for how people learn

See, simple is better. That’s a title that better live up to its promise. And in Cammy Bean’s view, the new book by Julie Dirksen does that and more. Read her review here.

7. Top tip: three tips for testing

Many things get tested in the holiday season: new toys, various pies, possibly your sanity…and of course e-learning. Stay with us - QA matters, and we’ve cooked up three seasonal testing tips to lure you into the QA kitchen. Now stuffed with more puns than ever thought possible.

Get your tip here.

And get all of them on our free top tips app for iPhone:

8. Market update: recent acquisitions, what’s next?

In a year that hasn’t been short of acquisitions in learning and technology, we update you on just one more, with SAP’s purchase of Success Factors, and we must a bit on what this might mean – no doubt plenty of chatter at Learning Technologies for starters…

Read this month’s update here

9. Kineo news: New Essentials modules, Free apps, now hiring

New Kineo Essentials modules

We’ve been adding to our range of Kineo Essentials – they’re short, focused modules on a range of topics for everyone in your organization.

Recent additions include:


Those in the UK will be well aware that the Bribery Act 2010 became law on July 1st 2011. Have you figured out how you’ll train your team? We’ve partnered with a leading law firm to develop a focused and effective module to help you do just that. The module is available in Flash or accessible HTML. You can add it to your LMS or it’s available as a hosted service. It’s a simple but effective way to make sure you’re doing the right thing.

Productivity suite:

Does your To-Do list look like ours? “Be creative. Be productive. Repeat.” Easy, right? Well sometimes we all need a little boost. We’ve been partnering with the good people at Good Practice to help you out. Together we’ve created a new set of Kineo Personal Effectiveness Essentials modules, to help managers and leaders develop their business skills in a focused and engaging way. New modules are now available in:

  • Creativity
  • Coaching
  • Networking
  • Time Management
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Difficult conversations

We also offer modules on key topics including:

  • Diversity
  • Health and Safety (also as a free App via the App Store)
  • Data Protection

And coming shortly:

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Leadership Essentials
  • Self-Development Essentials
  • Communication Essentials

Modules can be purchased individually or in a suite, and can be hosted by Kineo, or dropped into your LMS. Find out more about these and the full range of Essentials modules here, or mail us at for a demo.

Free apps

There will be a lot of talk about mobile learning at Learning Technologies in January. We’ve recently updated the mobile area on our site to share some pointers for effective mobile design, and examples.

If you like our top tips, grab our Free Top Tips App.

For the run-in to Learning Technologies, watch it change with a new theme and some of your own tips coming back at you...

And we’ve just added another Kineo App to the App Store – Health and Safety Essentials. It’s free of course – come and get it.

Now hiring

We’re looking for passionate, creative, enthusiastic people to join us as:

  • Solutions consultants (sales role)
  • LMS implementation consultants
  • Flash-based graphic designers
  • E-learning designers
  • Front-end developers
  • PHP developers
  • Software testers
  • Support Engineers

Find out more here. No agencies please.

Kineo Jazz - 16th December in Brighton

Sometimes even we need a break from e-learning. And we like to unwind the same way as everyone else – by running a Jazz club on the side. (Yes, we’ve heard of hot baths. Didn’t like them). The next Jazz night features the Charlotte Glasson Band. They’re playing at The Basement in Brighton on 16th December 2011. It should be a great night featuring absolutely no PowerPoint. Come along if you’re in Brighton.

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