January 2012 Newsletter

Issue 74 – January 2012

Contents this month:

  1. Learning Technologies 2012: See you there, lots to share…
  2. Mobile learning insights: Mobile in blend design – guide preview
  3. Top tips: Making the most of Learning Tech? There’s an app for that
  4. ASTD Tech knowledge 2012: Come to Las Vegas
  5. Case Study: What Color Is Your Parachute? See the webinar with Capella University
  6. Kineo Melbourne: G’day mates…
  7. Market update: Our trends for learning in 2012
  8. Design insights: How to become an instructional designer: by accident…
  9. Kineo news: Kineo Essentials, Kineo Bootcamp USA, Kineo and Warner Bros. Networking event, now hiring

Editor's note:

January’s always a slow month. Just two of the biggest learning conferences in the world and a new office on the agenda.

They’re coming right up: Learning Technologies is just two weeks away in London. We’ll be there at Stand 64, and have packed the days with events – hope to see you there.

We’ll be launching our new mobile paper at the show and giving it away at our stand. Somehow a leaked excerpt from that paper has made its way into the newsletter. We’ll be conducting a full investigation. In the meantime enjoy the extract on designing mobile learning into blends.

And if West London’s not your locale – maybe we can meet up at ASTD TechKnowledge 2012 in Las Vegas, or at our new office in Melbourne. It’s sunny there. Business case done.

With the unofficial LT survival guide, market insights and more, 2012 doesn’t look like the year of letting up – not that you were expecting that, you know us by now...


***Dates for your diary***

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1. Learning Technologies 2012: heads-up for January…

If you’re in learning, it’s in your diary by now: Learning Technologies: 25th and 26th January, Olympia 2 in London.

Now in its 13th year, it’s become the major event in the e-learning calendar. This show is bigger than ever, and we’re looking forward to returning to Stand 64. We've got plenty to share with you:

Three times the talking…

We’re running three events this year:

  • 11am on 25th: Tesco and Totara seminar: Tesco is the UK’s largest private employer. Come to this session to hear from Tesco how Totara has made an impact on their business.
  • 11am on 26th: Compass E-learning seminar: Join Compass and Kineo to find out how award-winning open source LMS and e-learning has delivered real results to this global business.
  • 2.30pm on 25th: Mobile learning workshop: There is going to be a lot of talk about mobile learning this year. What works in practice? Join us as we talk through the practical use of mobile in corporates, and share practical examples of mobile in action.

Get a paper, win an iPad…

We’ll also be giving away free copies of our new Mobile Learning Guide at Stand 64. Turn up to enter our draw to win a free iPad – because one is never enough.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you at Learning Technologies – find out more and fix up a meeting with us here.

2. Mobile learning insights: Mobile in blend design – guide preview

You know you want to. But you might be a bit afraid. Don’t be. Mobile Learning is here, it’s real – and it’s time to move past the hype into practical application.

At Learning Technologies, we’ll be launching our new guide on mobile learning. It’s a practical handbook for best practice in mobile design, and examples of how mobile can make a real difference, if you do it right.

To prime you for that, we’re sharing insights on how mobile learning can work in blends.

Want more? Come to our workshop at Learning Technologies on Wednesday 25th at 2.30pm where Kineo’s Mark Harrison will help you to work through the decision making process for making mobile part of your learning approach. And of course, pick up a full copy of the Mobile Learning Guide from our stand (no.64).

3. Top tips: Making the most of Learning Tech? There’s an app for that

Last month, we asked you to share your top tip for surviving – maybe even thriving – at Learning Technologies. You shared a lot of great ideas, from where to get the best freebies to how to make it actually benefit your business. You can get them on our site – but even better, you can get them at the show, because there all in our Top Tips app LT special edition – available to download for FREE from the App store.

Get the tips on our site here or get the app here: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/kineo-e-learning-top-tips/id454724285.

4. ASTD Tech knowledge 2012: Come to Las Vegas

Kensington Olympia is of course famous for its 24 hour casinos, five star buffets, and fabulous year-round weather. But if that doesn’t do it for you, you can always settle for Las Vegas.

It’s always a good idea but particularly this month as ASTD TechKnowledge is there again from 25-27th January. And so are we. We’re chairing the conference committee this year and presenting two seminars including a case study with our client ARAMARK – find out more and make a date to meet us here.

5. Case study: Capella University - What Color Is Your Parachute?

If you’re in the US, you undoubtedly know about this seminar book on career choices, and if you don’t know it – it’s a must read, however far along in life you are. We’ve partnered with Capella University to create an online portal to complement the book, using Totara LMS. With a community, video elements, and e-learning to support learners, it’s given a classic read a whole new lease of life.

We recently ran a webinar to talk people through how we’ve done it and to preview the site. You can see the webinar here.

6. Kineo Melbourne: G’day mates!

There’s no learning technologies conference in Australia in January. So we had to find another reason to be there. It wasn’t hard. We’re delighted to announce an opening of our latest Kineo Pacific office in Melbourne. A new place, a way to serve our Australian clients better and tap into a great talent market. The weather isn’t bad either. Kineo Australia - find it in the dictionary under “no-brainer”.

7. Market update: Our trends for learning in 2012

It’s pretty much obligatory to start the year with a prediction of what e-learning trends we can expect to see in 2012. Kineo’s MD Steve Rayson looks into 2012 from a different angle – what is going to happen to our client organisations, and what does that mean for their learning strategy?

See into the future (or at least, a future) here.

8. Design insights: How to become an instructional designer – by accident….

If you’re in e-learning design, you’re familiar with this question – how did you get here? Cammy Bean, Kineo’s US VP of Design, was asked by Learning Solutions Magazine recently. She shared her personal (yes, let’s use the word) journey – and also some insights for people looking to break into the industry. If you can learn from anything, it’s accidents…

Read the article here.

9. Kineo news: Kineo Bootcamp USA, LA Networking Event, New Essentials modules, now hiring

Kineo Bootcamp USA

Feel like your internal design team needs some discipline? We’ve got some tough love waiting for you. Kineo Bootcamp USA (not a TV show – yet) is here to help. Find out more about this strict but fair new service here.

Kineo LA Networking Event – at Warner Bros.!

The US team gets all the great gigs. We’ve been lucky enough to work with the folks at Warner Bros., and they’re kindly opening up the lot for a networking event in LA on Feb 28th. Join the Kineo and Warner Bros team to meet colleagues in the learning business, which is just like the movie business, only slightly less glamorous. They made Batman and Harry Potter. But could we make e-learning that kept them entertained? Find out...this February...in the e-learning event of the year...

Find out more here.

New Kineo Essentials modules

We’ve been adding to our range of Kineo Essentials – they’re short, focused modules on a range of topics for everyone in your organization.

Recent additions include:

Productivity suite:

Does your To-Do list look like ours? “Be creative. Be productive. Repeat.” Easy, right? Well sometimes we all need a little boost. We’ve been partnering with the good people at Good Practice to help you out. Together we’ve created a new set of Kineo Personal Effectiveness Essentials modules, to help managers and leaders develop their business skills in a focused and engaging way. New modules are now available in:

  • Creativity
  • Coaching
  • Networking
  • Time Management
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Difficult conversations

Compliance Suite:

We also offer modules on key compliance topics including:

  • Diversity
  • Health and Safety (also as a free App via the App Store)
  • Data Protection
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Anti Bribery Act (in collaboration with Addleshaw Goddard)

And coming shortly:

  • Leadership Essentials
  • Self-Development Essentials
  • Communication Essentials

Modules can be purchased individually or in a suite, and can be hosted by Kineo for you, or dropped into your LMS. Find out more about these and the full range of Essentials modules or mail us at enquiries@kineo.com for a demo.

Now hiring

We’re looking for passionate, creative, enthusiastic people to join us as:

  • Solutions consultants (sales role)
  • LMS implementation consultants
  • Flash-based graphic designers
  • E-learning designers
  • Front-end developers
  • PHP developers
  • Software testers
  • Support Engineers

Find out more here. No agencies please.

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