January 2014 Newsletter

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Happy New Year, if it’s still acceptable to say that? We’re kicking off 2014 with events, insights and innovation aplenty.

Come and see us at LT14 in London next week, and watch out for upcoming events in the US and Australia too.

In standard New Year fashion, we’re sharing our lists for the year – including hopes, predictions and top tips for LT14. Will we still be talking about ‘mobile learning’ by December?

With the upcoming launch of our new Managed Qualification service, Totara LMS Mobile, and Adapt, there’s lots to look forward to in 2014.

Hope we can help you make it a great year for learning, with the Elearning Company of the Year.


Learning Technologies 2014

Insights, innovations, and lots of free stuff – come see us on stand 142.

Learning Technologies 2014 is a must-do event if you want to make the most of learning technologies in your organisation this year.

See us at Olympia 2 in London next week, on stand 142. Just some of the highlights from us:

  • Win free consultancy to help with your most pressing learning challenges
  • See live demos of Adapt, the new open source framework for responsive, multi-device elearning that we’ve co-developed
  • Adapt for onboarding: free seminar with TUI and Network Rail
  • See Totara LMS Mobile in action – now Totara runs multi-device too
  • Launch of our Managed Qualification Service with Compass Group
  • Private Green Room sessions – take a break, take away some learning insights

It’s not too late to register and make a date. Hope to see you next week!

Make a date to meet us and find out more.

2014: 8 Elearning Hopes and Predictions

What does the future hold? Nobody knows. But Steve Rayson has a few ideas…We share our insights on where 2014 is headed – sophistication, empathy, social… We can hope can’t we?

See Steve's predictions.

10 Questions You Must Get Answered at LT14

Going to LT14? Don’t come home with a bag of stress balls and more questions. Use our cheatsheet to get answers to 10 key questions. (Hint: Also works for US and Australian events!)

Here's our list...

Learning Insights Live – Join us in London on Feb 26th

Can’t make LT14? Or already thinking about the next event? So are we. We’ll share top tips, share examples of Adapt and Totara Mobile LMS, all while you lunch and network.

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