June 2012 Newsletter

Issue 81– June 2012

Contents this month:

1. Free guide: Energy Sector – E-learning insights
2. Show round up: Getenergy L&D conference
3. Case study: HEINEKEN sustainability e-learning
4. Moodle and Totara user group: London, July 12th
5. Tool review and free webinar: Brainshark rapid and mobile learning
6. Articulate summer special offer
7. Essentials update: New modules
8. Video Top Tip: 10 design principles
9. Market update: Don’t fall through the training floor
10. Retail sector: take part in our survey

Editor's note:

At Kineo we like to think we’re full of energy at the best of times – even in the not quite dog days of summer. And to keep you alarmingly alert, we have a triple Kineo energy shot, guaranteed to stop you sleeping until September, with:

  • New energy guide: Based on many of your contributions, we’ve developed a new sector-focused guide on Energy, available from our site now. We enjoyed taking it out on the road at the Getenergy conference – great to meet many new friends at the show in London last week
  • New case study: HEINEKEN sustainable brewing e-learning: find out how HEINEKEN builds sustainability into its practices, and into its e-learning of course
  • New tool review: we’ve also been playing with Brainshark, which has great potential for mobile delivery – you should really take a look. See what we made and come and join us at a free webinar later this month

And if you need to work off some excess energy, come for a shakedown at the Moodle and Totara user group conference on July 12th in London.

Enjoy your energy shot responsibly. Keep telling us what you want to see in future newsletters: enquiries@kineo.com.




***Dates for your diary***


Conferences and shows

  • Totara and Moodle User Group: July 12th, BMA London

Contact us at events@kineo.com to find out more and to arrange to meet us at any of the upcoming events.

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1. Free Guide: Energy Sector - E-learning Insights

Few sectors evolve at the pace of the energy sector. Technological, environmental, and regulatory changes mean that nothing has stayed as it was five years ago. Added to this, the response needed to high profile events such as Deepwater Horizon, preparing for crew change with an ageing population coming up to retirement in some parts of the sector, and you have some serious operational challenges. Where those exist, there’s a learning and development need.

We’ve worked extensively in this sector, and our new Energy sector guide shares our insights, and our clients’ views on what you must do to succeed in L&D in this sector. Big thanks to the contributions to our survey from our clients here.

You can access the guide here.

Like free stuff? There are over 40 other free Kineo guides and reports in the revamped Kineo website.

Help yourself. Or, ask 4,500 other people to help you in the Elearning Professionals Community. Ask a question, throw out an opinion - or even put some sample work and get the world’s e-learning gurus to tell you what they think - be brave, it can only help...

(Coming up next month: focus on the Retail sector: see article 10)

2. Show round-up: Getenergy L&D Conference London June 2012

As any rock band (which is of course how we see ourselves) knows, you’ve got to tour your material. So we took our new Energy Sector guide to the stage at the recent Getenergy Conference in London. It’s possibly the only show that focuses on learning and development in Energy. We got some great feedback, met many contacts and got more insights into the challenges of the sector – find out more here.


3. Case Study: HEINEKEN Sustainability e-learning

Staying with our energy trip, we’ve been partnering with the excellent people at HEINEKEN extensively this year. As part of their aim to become the world’s greenest brewer by 2020, there’s been a big emphasis on sustainability; and we’ve developed a suite of e-learning modules to support their need. There’s nothing more sustainable than e-learning after all...

Read the case study here.


4. Totara and Moodle User-group event - London, July 12th

Over 150 clients including Vodafone Ireland, Tesco and Cable&Wireless have chosen Totara LMS. To get users and would-be users together, we are hosting our first Totara and Moodle User Group event in London on 12th July 2012.

The event will include case studies from existing Kineo Totara and Moodle clients with top tips on how to get the best from your LMS. There will be demonstrations, networking opportunities and developer updates. We will also be demonstrating Totara 2.2, the custom distribution of Moodle for corporates, and the new features available. Richard Wyles, CEO of Totara, will also be talking through the roadmap over the next year and some exciting new developments.

The free event is for users of Totara or Moodle, and those considering open source LMS solutions.

Come and join us from 9:30-13:30 on July 12th at the BMA in London. The event is free, but space is limited. Email events@kineo.com for further details and to register for the event.


5. Tool review and demo: Brainshark rapid and mobile learning

You know we love playing with innovative tools and technologies for learning design and delivery. Brainshark has recently caught our eye and this month we take it for a tour. If you’re interested in creating rapid mobile learning, video and audio presentations, it’s definitely worth a look. We liked it so much we have signed up as a Brainshark Partner: we couldn’t afford the company.

We have set up a free webinar on the 27th June to demonstrate how Brainshark can support your learning and deliver mobile performance support and communications. Join us at 4pm UK / 11am EST. You can register for the webinar here.

Here’s our Brainshark review.

No time to read the review? Aren’t you the busy one. Have a look at the demo Kineo built in Brainshark by opening the following link in your mobile browser: Kineo Brainshark demo.

To do the interactive questions, download the free Brainshark app and this will open automatically when you click the link.

6.Summer Offer: Articulate Studio and Storyline discount

Summer is the time for sales...

To celebrate the arrival of Articulate Storyline, (which we reviewed last month), Kineo has a special summer Articulate offer to bring some sunshine in to your life. We’re offering 10% off all Articulate products – including Storyline.

Articulate Studio is one of the leading rapid e-learning authoring tools. It uses PowerPoint as your core authoring interface and allows you to add animations and quizzes.

Articulate Storyline enables you to create sophisticated e-learning which can be published out to desktops and iPads.

Kineo is an Articulate Partner and develops content and we provide training for over a hundred different companies using Articulate products. As part of the summer offer Kineo will also be providing a free webinar training session to get you developing content quickly and effectively.

Find out more here.

7. Kineo Essentials: New modules

For organisations looking to deliver a high quality e-learning solution that addresses the key topics, there’s a new way to get there quickly. Our new Kineo Essentials suite provides an e-learning solution for meeting core skills and compliance needs, from diversity and health and safety to leadership and management.

The first e-learning suite is a series of personal effectiveness modules:

  • Creativity
  • Coaching
  • Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Time Management
  • Leadership
  • Networking
  • Problem-Solving
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Self-development

These were developed with Good Practice, a leading provider of management and personal skills learning.

The second is a compliance suite of e-learning modules for the UK, with titles including:

  • Anti-Bribery
  • Data Protection
  • Diversity
  • Diversity for Managers
  • Health & Safety
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Treating Customers Fairly
  • Information Security
  • Fraud Awareness

The modules are available individually or as a complete branded online suite of learning modules providing easy access to learning and full tracking and reporting. If you need a branded portal with high quality e-learning in a serious hurry at a low cost - talk to us. Find out more and sign up for a free trial here.


8. Video Top Tip: Design manifesto

Consider this one a meta top tip. There are some things that you need to do the right way in e-learning. We’ve captured them in our new 10 Principles design manifesto. You don’t even have to read it – see the video, and a wide range of examples of our work here.

Find the rest of our top tips here.

Or let our top tips find their way to you through our free Top Tips app on the App Store.

And of course let’s get social and talk.

9. Market update: Don’t fall through the training floor

As the European economy slides and falls like so many defenders on a wet Ukrainian pitch (Euro 2012 reference? check), we’ve been looking at the issues that a recession brings to the training industry – and what it means to stay upright on the training floor. Back four, take note.

Read this month’s update here.

10. Retail sector: take part in our survey

We’re keeping our sector themes going – if you’re in the retail sector, we want to hear from you. You can access the survey here.

You can see some of what’s possible in retail learning by looking at our examples here.

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