March 10 Newsletter

Issue 53 – March 2010

Content this month:

  1. Free guide: Six steps to scoping e-learning
  2. Kineo TV: Turned on yet?
  3. Audio interviews: Fixing flaws in e-learning
  4. Top tips: Menus that make sense
  5. Show report: What are the skills for learning designers?
  6. Market update: Rapid on the rise, tools companies sold
  7. Kineo news: Upcoming webinars; MyKineo; Now hiring… and Kineo Jazz

1. Free guide: six steps to scoping e-learning

Scope – the final frontier…or rather, the place where it all starts. Get the scope and structure of your e-learning right, and good things will happen. Get it wrong, and…well, you’re not going to get it wrong. In this month’s free guide, we share a six-step roadmap for making sure your scope is rock solid. Find out more on scoping e-learning. Want to join a webinar to talk about scoping and definition in e-learning with us and other e-learning professionals? We’re running a MyKineo design hour session on Thursday April 1st (that’s tomorrow, calendar fans) at 9 CST / 10 EST / 3pm UK. Mail us at to find out more, or join our LinkedIn eLearning Professionals group.

2. Kineo TV: turned on yet?

YouTube: It’s not just for watching Pandas sneeze. We’ve been getting the flip cameras out in the UK and the US to bring you Video interviews, video top tips, swooshy animations, and more. Put them all together, and hey, you’ve got yourself a TV channel. We’re delighted to launch Kineo TV, for your viewing pleasure…See Kineo E-Learning TV.

3. Audio interviews: fixing flaws in e-learning

We chatted it up with Dr. Will Thalheimer this month on the juicy topic of the most common mistakes e-learning practitioners make when designing e-learning. We asked Will for three, but he came back with five. So what were they? Tune in to find out… You can listen here: Fixing Flaws in E-Learning.

4. Top tips: menus that make sense

The menu in any e-learning course or learning site is a little glimpse into the minds of the design team. Were they thinking about the learner, or were their heads elsewhere when it came to designing the menu? This tip asks the big questions. Maybe even answers them. Find out more here in our e-learning top tips.

5. Show report: what are the skills for learning designers?

We had a great time this month in Orlando at the eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions Conference & Expo. A big highlight for us was Cammy Bean’s presentation on Friday with Ellen Wagner of Sage Road Solutions and Koreen Olbrish of Tandem Learning: “New Skills for Instructional Designers.” So what do designers need to know these days?

Find out more here: skills for learning designers.

6. Market update: rapid on the rise, tools companies sold

This month we share some market research findings on the growth of rapid e-learning from Forrester, and look at the two recent rapid authoring tool company acquisitions. Can you see a connection? Find out more in our e-learning market update

7. Kineo news: upcoming webinars, MyKineo, now hiring…and Kineo Jazz

Upcoming webinars

We’re running three webinars over the next month and invite you to join us:

MyKineo Design hour:

Six steps to streamline the define and scope process April 1st 3pm UK time / 10 EST / 9 CST

In this design hour, exclusive to MyKineo members, we’ll discuss how to streamline the scoping and definition phase of e-learning development and apply the approach we set out in this month’s free guide.

MyKineo Design hour:

E-learning design models that motivate and engage April 15th 3pm UK time / 10 EST / 9 CST

Another design hour (we’re keeping the pace up) for MyKineo members. Here we’ll look at real examples of e-learning models and examine how they connect with learners, and share some tips for doing the same with your e-learning.

Kineo Insights web panel:

April 28th 3pm UK time / 10 EST / 9 CST

As part of the My Kineo series, we’re pleased to present a web panel which will explore key issues in e-learning development. Panelists include:

  • Will Thalheimer, Learning-and-Performance Consultant and Researcher
  • Vince Serritella, Former CLO WW Grainger and Director Motorola University

Email to register for MyKineo, to access these events and lots more besides. What’s MyKineo? Excellent question…


Our free guide this month is a sample of what you can get from our new service: My Kineo.

My Kineo is Kineo’s free new support service - an e-learning workbench for corporate e-learning professionals and teams. In it you’ll find

  • over 30 “how to” guides, examples and templates to help you develop your e-learning skills
  • access to live Kineo webinars focused on key challenges in e-learning
  • discussion forums where you can ask questions and share with peers and experts, and request peer review or support on a specific project

We’re inviting people in the US, UK and beyond who are part of learning teams in organizations to join up – for free. Get in touch at to find out more.

Now hiring:

We’re continuing to grow our team in the UK and the US. We’re looking for passionate, creative, enthusiastic people to join us as

  • Learning designers
  • Project managers and coordinators
  • Sales consultants
  • Technical producers
  • Find out more here. Kineo Jazz:
    We’ve expanded into Moodle. We’ve started a TV channel. Surely the only place left to go is…that’s right, Kineo Jazz. It’s not a brand name for a new tool or service (we’re not that lame). It really is Jazz. For those of you in or near Brighton, come and join us for a completely e-learning free, jazz filled evening on April 15th. It’s going to be a great night, featuring the legendary Joe Lee Wilson and his band, The Joy of Jazz, and many other great Brighton musicians.

    Find out more at Kineo Jazz.

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