March 2013 Newsletter

Issue 90 – March 2013

Contents this month:

  1. Free guide: Compliance e-learning – done right
  2. Market insight: Open Badges – the next disruptive technology?
  3. Apprenticeships: five reasons to believe, our webinar with TUI, Tesco and more 
  4. Survey: Blended programmes – get involved
  5. Top tip: Better e-learning, the Pixar way...
  6. Show catch up: Learning Solutions, Orlando
  7. Upcoming Events:  AITD Melbourne, CIPD HRD London
  8. Now recruiting: become a Kineo person!

Editor's note:

When we were young, Easter was in the spring. It seems to have been moved back to Winter. We can roll with it – we keep warm by typing and waving our arms. And the outcomes this month are:

  • A new guide with fresh insights on stopping the freeze from setting into your compliance e-learning
  • An overview of Open Badges – a trend on proving your learning that’s turning up the heat on traditional methods
  • An invite to step into the warm glow of London Olympia to join us at CIPD HRD April 24-25th – we’ll be there on stand 283 with City & Guilds colleagues.

Hope you’re seeing some green or yellow shoots where you are...


***Dates for your diary***

Conferences and shows

  • AITD National Conference – 10-11th April Melbourne (Australia)
  • CIPD HRD – 24-25th April, London (UK)


Visit the Kineo Events page and contact us at to find out more and to arrange to meet us at any of the upcoming events.

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1. Free guide: Compliance e-learning – doing it right

Regulatory e-learning, license to practice, compliance e-learning: you can call it what you want – but you know you need to do it. It’s never had the most shining of reputations in the e-learning firmament. It’s easy to get it wrong. In our new guide, we take a fresh look at how to put it right.

Get the guide here.

Compliance Live! (Well, sort of): We ran a webinar earlier this month to bring the tips and principles in our guide to life with real examples. You can listen in here.

2. Market update: Open Badges – the next disruptive technology?

When the New York Times and Harvard Business Review are talking about a learning technology trend, you know you need to listen.  If Open Badges are new to you – they won’t be for long. We’re just back from an event in Chicago that was focused on the future of badges, and what it means for the LMS, for Project Tin Can, and of course for learners sharing true proof of their abilities. In this month’s market insights, we look at why Open Badges are one of the most disruptive trending learning technologies right now.

Find out about open badges in this month’s update.

3.  Apprenticeships:  Five reasons to believe, our webinar with TUI, Tesco and more

March 11-15th was National Apprenticeship Week in the UK and it provided an opportunity for Kineo and City & Guilds to spread the word on the benefits of apprenticeships with our clients – and explore how we’re using learning technologies to support them.

Providing opportunities for people to enter the workforce and develop skills via apprenticeships is something that’s at the core of what City & Guilds stands for. City & Guilds leads the apprenticeship initiative in the UK and is looking to create a million new apprenticeships in the UK by Summer 2013. Find out more at

Five reasons to believe:

For Apprenticeship week we produced a video overview on the five key benefits of apprenticeships, if you haven’t seen it (or you can only think of four benefits and are kicking yourself) it’s here.

Hear why Apprenticeships work for London Underground, TUI and Tesco:

City & Guilds and Kineo co-hosted a webinar on the future of apprenticeships during the week. We had guest speakers from Tesco, TUI and ex-London Underground talking about the role of apprenticeships in their business. We got some lively speakers, and some good points on where apprenticeships need to go to embrace the learning platform and online delivery.

You can see the webinar slides and recording here.

We’re working on a new service offer for apprenticeships that will bring learning technologies into the core – watch this space...

4. Survey: Where are you with blended programmes?

Apprenticeships and Open Badges – two things that are at the core of many blended programmes. We’re taking a fresh look blended learning, taking these themes and more onboard. In advance of a new guide on the future of blended learning with Oxford Group, we’re keen to get your views. If you’ve got 15 minutes to spare – and would like a free guide for your efforts – take part in our blended learning survey here.

5. Top tip: Better e-learning, the Pixar way

When it comes to strong narrative and characters, combined with technology – sorry, e-learning market but Pixar knocks us all into a Spacemen’s helmet. They’ve shared their 22 tips for great storytelling. How many of them can help us make our e-learning better? Less than infinity. But not much less...

Get the rest of the tips here.

Or have them delivered to you via our app, available on iTunes here.

6. Show catch-up: Learning Solutions, Orlando

Resident Goofy costume wearer, and (during the day) Kineo VP of Learning Design in the US Cammy Bean, went to Orlando to stop in on the Learning Solutions show.

Find out what she did here.

7. Upcoming Events:  AITD Melbourne, CIPD HRD London

Couple of big shows coming up – come and join us:

AITD National Conference – Melbourne, April 10-11

As well as exhibiting and sponsoring the Australia event, Kineo are appearing in workshops at the show including a case study on the Ministry of Health (NZ): Taking your eLearning over the Wall.

More details here.

CIPD HRD Conference and Exhibition – London Olympia, April 24-25

HRD brings together the UK’s learning and development professionals to share best practice, learn from each other’s successes, network with suppliers, and get ready for the future of L&D .

Join Kineo and City & Guilds colleagues on stand 283, where you can see demonstrations of our award winning work for clients including Vodafone, BP, Compass and many more including an overview of our new services for Apprenticeships.

We will also present at 2.30pm on Day 2 of the show in the Technology for Learning Arena on the 10 learning technology trends to stay on top of in 2013 and beyond.

Get ready for the show.

You can register here.

Get in touch, we’d love to meet up.

Find out about these events and many more on our Events page.

8. Now recruiting: we’re ambitious and growing – join Kineo

As part of a much bigger global group, we’ve got some major growth plans for 2013. That means more great Kineo people. Why join us?

  • Work on high profile projects for the world’s biggest brands including Vodafone, Starbucks, M&S, Nikon and Sony
  • An award-winning employee benefits offer to support your wealth, health and wellbeing. This includes a defined benefit pension scheme, private medical cover, income protection, and much more
  • Fantastic career opportunities across Kineo and the City & Guilds Group in the UK and in over 80 countries, and a commitment to invest in and develop you - as you’d expect from an organisation that’s been focused on people development for over 100 years 
  • A great working atmosphere in a friendly and supportive team, on challenging and interesting projects, and the freedom to innovate and think creatively – with offices in the heart of Brighton, London, Sheffield – and beyond...

We’re hiring in multiple roles in design, technical, support, project management and sales. Make a great change in 2013 – become a Kineo person.

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